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Expecting #3 here, 12 weeks along and I look like I'm 19 weeks +. I busted out the maternity pants 3 weeks ago, sooo comfy! But I look like I over indulged on beer and chocolate. I'm trying to wear mostly loose flowy tops. But man the other parents at the playground, dance class and schools are staring at my gut and I'm not sure if I should just say yup another bun in the oven or give it some more time.
I thought deli meat has to be heated to at least 160F to help kill the listeria bacteria that can be found in deli meat? Yes? No?
Both DD's have gone to Magic Years Nursery School in Braintree. My oldest graduated from there last year. Neither one was up to date on vaccines and when I submitted their paperwork at the beginning of the school year I never said anything about and they never mentioned anything to me. they only got on me about when they needed a yearly well child report from the pedi. Good luck!
Oh mama! I know what you mean. It's okay, it's just the hormones not you. Try to be gentle with yourself. This to will pass and other things will come to surface like peeing every five minutes, feet under your ribs, heartburn etc... Just remind your nearest and dearest that it's a tough time right now and your trying your hardest.
I hear you! I think I read somewhere that we can have up to 200mg of caffeine. I've been having just one regular size cup in the am of my dark roasted Starbucks. But only finishing half if it. I seem to be doing okay with that. Next week I'll start adding half decaf grounds to my brew so I can have the whole cup. It's tough that's for sure! I work two overnight shifts a week 7p-7a. And I've allowed myself one small regular around 2am to help get through.
I always had amazing dreams of my babies with my last two pregnancys. So I've been excitedly awaiting to see what will happen with this one. Last night I dreamt that my oldest dd opened an envelope that contained the gender of this baby and read BOY!!! I was so thrilled I woke up and wanted to wake up dh. My girl dreams with my last two pregnancys where spot on. So now I'll just wait and see. So awesome and exciting!!
If you want to meet up at the Tufts Library let me know! I have two girls Ava 5.5 and Piper 3 and I live in Quincy
Hello ladies! I'm so excited to be joining you all! EDD April 1st (for now) Your Name: Danielle Age: 31 State or Country: MA How long it took to you to get your BFP: Got pregnant with this little one first cycle of trying What number child is this for you: 3 Family (partner, other children, and/or furbabies): I've been married for 8years to my highschool sweet heart. Who knew you could find your soulmate at 14! We have two daughters Ava...
Woke up this morning to an AWESOME DREAM! I dreamt that I had my baby (Piper Faye) at 11pm at the birth center and we where all back home the next morning. I was holding her and she was so sturdy and warm: I brought her into our bedroom and dd#1 (Ava) was on bed and snuggling up to her new little sister saying "Hi Baby Piper" She was beautiful! So of course any little cramp or pressure feeling has me on alert. But alas nothing exciting so far today. I have a midwife appt...
39 weeks, I have a midwife visit today and I'm secretly hoping she'll strip my membranes. With DD #1 I went into labor 2 days after having that done. SOOOO Ready for baby to make her arrival. Lots of early labor stuff going on but nothing that sticks around for to long.
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