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One of my students just started a job and was mad that his job was a 60 hour a week job while he trains. I just smiled and said "welcome to the world of 60 hour plus work weeks."
Maybe if you know someone at that place, you could give them a ring or shoot an email too them to see what the situation is.
I last posted on March 7 with these totals: January - 192 Febuary - 68 March - 13   Grand Total - 273 1739 remaining   I stopped counting in April because my life got crazy as it does every end of the semester and into the summer. We moved 1600 miles at the end of July. Before we moved, I purged a lot of stuff. Big ticket items and smaller items. We just put it in our front yard and people with children or kids going of the college would come pick it up....
Yes, I have been working hard to lose 15 lbs since Jan 1 and have only lost 5 lbs. I still need to loss 10 lbs. In a month, 10 lbs is too hard for me. I would be happy to lose 2 lbs a month. As long it will eventually leave. I'm scared that it will stay forever. So, I'm with you but it is going to take me longer...
January - 192 Febuary - 68 March - 13   Grand Total -  273 1739 remaining  
I would do a you tube seach. My DH is a trainer and is always finding new ideas on there. You could probably find a workout routine that you can do and then modify it to suit your needs - use the steps in your house if you have them, step up and down on something sturdy, pushups, situps, stretches, yoga...etc...I sure you could find cheap workout DVD's at the thrift store.
I'm a prof but on sabbatical this year, so I just earned tenure one year ago. Pre-tenure I stayed out of all politics both departmental and university wide. I have not had time to know what I am going to do post-tenure. The faculty in my department have a good relationship so if there is an issue, it can usually be worked out. My personality leads me to stay out of most of the politics. I will save up until there is an issue that I really care about.
January - 192 Febuary - 35      11 kids clothing      6 worn out clothes      3 pans      1 lid      1 bag baby spoons      1 nutcracker pick      1pile papers      1 large doll      8 old books subtotal  - 33 Feb. subtotal - 68     Grand Total - 250
I decided to tackle this challenge by month, I need to get rid of about 170 items a month   January - 192   1 set of magnets 1 junk drawer decluttered 1 candle 5 toys 1 flashlight 26 kids clothes   Febuary - 35 Total - 227
I was pnce in a job where I hated gping to wprk/ I quit that job after I got a different ine/ That was 8 years ago, I love my job now
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