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he can take a 3 mth old and 23 month old out by himself. don't underestimate the Dads. He could to lots of things with them, strap the young one on and go to the grocery store, take the 2 yr old out for ice cream, go for a walk in the stroller....I know they can do it -DH is a stay at home Dad.
Because I worked on something else all last weekHere are my restated goals for the weekSept 6-9 1 . Scan and trace CN xsectn2. DONE Send coauthor Ero figures3. DONEStart IN4. Harass co-author about Appy paperDONE Tomorrow - Submit AAPG abstracts Read Erosion Figures Edit Studentscdiss prop
I finished all of my summer goals that I last listed. GOALS for week August 29-Sept 2 1. Scan and trace CN xsectn 2. Send coauthor Ero figures 3. Start IN 4. Harass co-author about Appy paper
I have 4 children and work full time. My husband is a WOHD. I guess we have a system but I definitely settle for a less than clean house. My dinners have to be prepared in under 30 minutes. The kids help do chores on the weekends with me. We try to go to the park and take bike rides together. My youngest is 15 months so he is just around while I am doing things, sometimes I wear him on my back while doing stuff. I just do the best that I can. If you have two working...
I'm also a tenured Associate Professor. This is what I would do: I would tell her that I was doing #1 unless she would like me to do option #3. When you write a letter of any kind, your reputation is on the line also. I would give her an honest assessment up front. This helps her know what she needs to work on for the tenure review.
Wow, Geofizz, your writing tally is an inspiration!!
  I did not change my name, I have 4 kids and never have had any problems. I do fly with the birth certificates esp. internationally. However, I have never used the certificates.   I found that keeping my name was much simpler than changing it. I have never had any issues at the hospital or at schools
  I like that idea geofizz I may do that in the fall   LAST POST GOALS 1. Work on xsectn (deadline, July 15, submit abstract to conference this summer) i WILL NOT MAKE THIS DEADLINE, UGGGG 2. Work on Erosion paper 1 hour   a day  I DIDN'T DO THIS 3. Review Lab Manual Cover  done 4. Work on Lab Manual 2 hours a day- Deadline July 4  done 5. Work on ZirN Grant 2 hours a day - Deadline June 27 DONE 6. NSF update Deadline - ASAP  DONE 7. retrieve India...
My son is 6.5 and we have dealt with this same thing for years now. The only thing that I found that works when I ask him to do something is to get down on one knee lovingly hold his face and ask him very kindly to do whatever it is that I need him to do , e.g. --pick up toys, --get in the shower, --change clothes, --get his shoes, etc... I could go on and on. I have 4 children so he has to pull his weight when it comes to getting ready. If I look him directly in the...
The most separation that I have done is 8 weeks (at the time, I had two children 1.5 and 3.5). Honestly, I think the separation was harder for me than for them. They had their dad and their routine and I was lonely and missing my family. That was 5 years ago. I have also had two and three week separations since then. I left for 5 weeks a couple of years ago but took the 4 month old with me. In the past two years, I have only left for a two week maximum but this fall I...
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