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Glad your talk went well kaybee   Deadlines: 1. Read and edit 5 pages on Feb 23, 24, and 25 (15 pages total) I did not do this today 2. Read all the way through Feb 23 - decide what needs to be done by Feb 24 I did not do this today  3. Talk to coauthor on Feb 23 I did this - talked for 2 hours which is wht nothing else got done 4. squeeze 30 minutes somewhere on the 23 or 24 to work on xsectn 
for me - the key is to love every moment of what i am doing and stay present   edited for spelling
Me: Year 7, Associate Professor at very large state university, next academic year is sabbatical year. 4 kids - 8,6,2, 10 months. Merit raises only next year. Teaching Load: 2 in Fall, 1 in spring, 4 very needy grad students   Most Pressing Projects: 1. Edit grad student SK Paper (for the 5th time) Goal: by Monday Feb 28 2. Rewrite Appy Paper Goal: submit by Friday March 4 3. Work on rewrite of Erosion paper: Goal: Talk to co-author 4. Finish...
Dmitriz - everyone is nicer than me, I would grade what she turned in and give it back. No option to retake it.   Carita, I'm writing kind of. I finished a manuscript a year ago and gave it to a colleague to add what he needed. He did not add anything, it has been a full year. Last Friday I contacted an editor and asked if I could submit it. He said, yes, get it in quickly. It has been a week and I have not done anything. I need to carve some time out of my schedule...
sorin - im the same age and received tenure. Next year is my sabbatical year. I am using it to go somewhere else and pursue a new avenue of research. I think it is pretty common to do what you have to do to get tenure and then pursue other interests.
I've failed this month...no use to keep track...but I'll try again next month   wtg Nola!!!
Maybe check on some exercising videos on you tube and find something that you like to do.
I'm still out here. i'm an academic -- the semester started -- out the window goes the sane lifesyle   montana Mom - yes, it is important to me thay my outside reflects my inside   laurakathy - i don't know about motivation right now, i always imagine how good i feel after exercising   amma mama - i travel quite frequently, i actually like a night away -- i know dh does a great job   Do any of you ladies have tips on how not to get overwhelmed?
1/2 - 45 minutes walking 1/4 - 40 minutes walking 1/7 - 30 minutes walking  1/9 - 45 minutes orbital trainer 1/11 20 minutes walking 1/16 30 minutes walking pushing double stroller 1/18 30 minutes walking   240/800     I'm not going to get anywhere near my goal :(
Welcome BeBee   I'm losing the sane fitness thing this month. I'm being pulled in 4,000 different directions and my health and fitness is suffering. I ask myself "when will this stop" the answer is usually "not in the forseeable future" so "Is it worth it?"
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