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I would not cash out a 401K either, unless I was in danger of being homeless.   Have you cut your budget to bare bones? taken part time jobs? Sell everything but the kids?   best of luck
I do, on average a $5 Amazon gift card every 20 days or so.   i use the toolbar, search from there, occasionally will get a code too, and I do the daily poll as well. I've purchased groupons thru their links as well, that nets a 150 Swagbucks or so, but don't do much else.   referrals can help a LOT, as the referring person gets matched up to a 1000 swagbucks, but I've only had one in the past, so most of my swagbucks are just thru searching.   it's worth...
Sally Beauty Supply has a knock off on this conditioning cleasner, called Hair One.   I've used it in the past, but not certain I noticed any real difference over using just a cheaper over the counter conditioner.   Sauve is cheap and lacks the nastiest of the ingrediants for conditioners (no silicones, etc).   I went with conditioner only for 6+ months, never had many issues, my curly hair did fine, until i started using oil to cleanse my face. Now due to...
According to that site, yes, make about double what a "living wage" would be. However, the numbers it's based on, doesn't come close to be realilistic on what those catergories add up too. I couldn't find a shack to live in for the price they qoute on rent in the area or insurance. not realatable at all
Don't use retirement accounts unless you are in danger of losing your home. If no danger of losing home, then just buckle down and pay off the credit cards.   We buckled down, took part time jobs and odd jobs, took in scrap metal we found dumpster diving, held yard sales and cut our budget to the bare bones, paid of $29K in debt in 18 months. It wasn't that bad, in fact we had a lot of fun and met some good people for the months when we were totally focused on paying...
we have a Dormia bed, it's memory foam, latex center, but a wool topper. Supposedly the wool topper helps with the heat issue. I too used to be cold all the time, electric blanket on high to warm the sheet, flannel sheets, down comforter topped with a heavy fleece blanket.... no more with this bed.. it can get warm, but haven't sweat in bed more than a few times due to excessive covers.   Alas, maybe adding a wool topper or even a couple of wool blankes between the...
If you don't have enough stuff for a single load, just hang dry the biking outfits. I don't have static issues with blended socks, but have hung dry much of this "athletic performace" type clothing. I've sent stuff thru the wash in mixed loads, but never would dry them together.
$1K for a 1-2 day truck rental? You need to call around, that's an outrageous amount for a truck rental. Call Ryder, they don't do drop off's in other locations, but you rent and return to same location, then it's down right cheap. Also, can look into a cargo van or the like.
I don't know about the balls, but do you sort your laundry by fabric type? I had a HUGE drop off in static once I separted out the fleece and poly fabrics from cotton and denim, I wash by fabric type over any color sorting and it's been a huge help is knocking out the static.
Whoo Hooo!   How awesome for you, being debt free is such a relief, and good to hear you and yours have gotten rid of that stress. Go splurge a bit (we did a night out of sushi, paid with cash of course), then get back and attack that FFEF!
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