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I highly recommend Pam Crowl http://www.coloradomidwife.com/page1.php She attended both of my births and both were water births.  She respectfully followed my wishes during both births and I would definitely use her for any other babies I may be lucky to have!   SJ
  Sorry for your loss.
We do 50-75% greens (75% is always the goal) with fruit.  Avocado makes a smoothie nice and creamy.  We also add chia seeds, flax seeds and hemp seeds (protein source).  I generally  mix in some CLO with each of the boys' smoothie.
http://anthro.palomar.edu/tutorials/biological.htm http://learn.genetics.utah.edu/content/begin/traits/ http://pbskids.org/dragonflytv/games/game_dogbreeding.html http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/genome/   Enjoy!
I should have added to my previous post that the charter school with the June 1st cut off for kindergarten is very rigorous academically.  I think you should think about whether the school your dc would attend is also academically rigorous or if it is more play based.
In my town there is a charter school that has extremely long waiting lists.  It is a highly sought after school and people are willing to travel quite far if they get in.  They actually have a cut-off date of June 1st and call it the "gift of time."  I see nothing wrong with keeping your dc in preschool another year if it works for your family.    Other posters mentioned her age at graduation if you wait a year, another thing to consider is if you start her this fall...
When I was a kid I sometimes chose to walk to 1 mile to middle school instead of ride the bus if a friend was also going.  In high school I had to walk about a mile and if I was alone I hated it because I found it boring.  I have been hiking with my boys (4 and 6) since they could walk and they definitely could walk 2 mi but it would take a long time.    If walking to school 2 miles with dd works for you I think it is great but I don't think I would be comfortable...
My son had some articulations issues at that age too.  We saw an audiologist for another issue and he noticed it also.  He advised us to see a speech therapist that specialized in articulation that he recommended and to be seen by our local school district.  That being said he also told us that 99% of articulation issues are resolved by age 8 on their own.  He personally pushed for therapy because he said children who have problems with articulation can be the subject of...
I have had great success with a chiro, I highly recommend it!  Keep in mind that going to the chiro is a process.  Once your body is accustomed to being out of alignment getting adjusted so your spine is aligned can make muscles sore and it can take quite a few visits to get your body to stay aligned.  I hope your sister finds a way to get better!   SJ
Hi OP, Just want to let you know that when your dc gives blood tomorrow you may be able to ask for lidocain to numb the area.  My dcs have had blood drawn twice and the first time I arrived early and lidocain was applied to both arms, the second time our doctor prescribed lidocain so we could apply at home before leaving.    SJ
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