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My grandfather, who I was VERY close to, was diagnosed with cancer when I was 13.  He was immediately admitted in the hospital and never came home.  He quickly deteriorated and after two weeks he died.  While I did visit him in the hospital, something I wanted to do and don't regret, I didn't want to go to the funeral.  My parents were advised to make me go so I could get closure (i think) and so I wouldn't regret it.  It was awful for me and I hated seeing my...
A family member of mine had an intensely itchy bum, it turned out being the wet toilet paper wipes that were being used.  Could it be wipes, laundry detergent or bath soap?  This family member used the wipes for a little while before the problems started.  Good luck OP!
OP, Your dd sounds like my oldest ds.  We homeschool but DS is also enrolled in a Cottage School for K that he attends 3 days/week in the afternoons.  He has always been quick to anger and frustration, even name calling, throwing/knocking things over, fighting with his brother.  He also has some anxiety in social situations, especially new ones.  This past fall, coincidentally when DS was 5 1/2, he was having horrible outbursts.  These included him attacking me and me...
This song was in a Music Together class we attended but with different lyrics and only to the tune of the chorus (?).  You can find the lyrics here: http://www.lyricsvip.com/Music-Together/I%27m-Gonna-Play-Today-Lyrics.html  
It was always my intention to homeschool using the Montessori Method but we haven't really implemented much in the way of staying true to the Method.  That being said I read a lot about the Montessori Method and have quite a bit of Montessori Materials.  I highly recommend David Gettman's Basic Montessori Learning Activities for Under Fives.  This book contains some background on the Montessori Method in the first section and the rest of the book is grouped by the...
We have this book - Mammals Who Morph.  Haven't read it yet, but I am excited to do so. We have all three of the author's books and plan to do them sequentially.
I am curious too 
I'm so glad he is doing better!  Moving to Africa sounds like such an adventure! :)
Thanks for both replies.  I hope to hear from more of you out there!   PupleSage, Can you explain this a little more      Thanks!     SJ
We use Shikai's Borage Dry Skin Therapy for Children.  It worked fantastically last winter when my boys had severely dry skin.  It has also worked on eczema. 
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