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Just had a thought, is there a way you could work ahead?  Or do some coursework form home after the baby is born?
I'm sorry this is such a difficult situation for you SL.  I have no idea what I would do if I were in your situation.  Definitely not daycare with such a young baby.  Perhaps you can talk directly to your professor and work something out as long as it is not a distraction.  Can't hurt to ask!   What would be my concern is that yes newborns sleep most of the time but what happens when the baby gets hungry and cries until he/she latches on?  Or if the baby begins...
My condolences to you and your friend swd.  I just wanted to mention that one way you could help with dinner for your friend is that you can order takeout for them and have it delivered.  I have done this with pizza before for my mom who lives across the country.
Hi OP, is your dc feeling better? 
I can understand the policy.  Infants, children and pets can serve as a distraction to the other students and the instructor.  I strongly support BF, EBF, public BF, etc. but would not have been happy in my last class if someone brought an infant into class which would have been distracting especially in what I am imagining from your post.  Do you mean DH or someone else would bring your baby to you during class?  That would be a distraction in itself!     Can you...
My MIL is a firm believer in the Rapture, she states that when Christ returns all believers will just *poof* disappear to be with him leaving behind a pile of clothes where they previously existed.  She would tell her boys that one day Jesus would return and they would disappear leaving behind their pajamas and that their dogs would also disappear leaving behind their dog collars.  To better understand where she is coming from I have been trying to learn more about this...
What exactly is dispensationalism?   Is this a mainstream Christian doctrine?   What denominations or types of Christian churches adhere to dispensationalism?   Are you a dispensationalist?   What is the history behind dispensationalist?   Please excuse me if I did not use the term correctly as I am not exactly sure what it means!  I tried to read a little on this but it is all still a little muddy.  Hopefully you can help clear the waters for me! :)   SJ
I don't have any advice for you because I can be the same way.  Even when I get a 'perfect' (100%) grade on a paper I write for school I don't believe I deserve it - that the teacher grades easily, the teacher doesn't have high expectations, etc.   Hopefully someone adds some good advice. SJ
My FIL's mother had guillain-barre syndrome after receiving a flu vaccine.  WebMD says it usually resolves in 4 weeks.  I would definitely call the doctor tomorrow.  Hopefully some more knowledgeable MDCers chime in.   http://www.webmd.com/brain/tc/guillain-barre-syndrome-topic-overview   http://www.ninds.nih.gov/disorders/gbs/gbs.htm
Thanks everyone for replying.  Just getting this stuff out there has opened this all up for me to really think about, I am very grateful for this board.  I was thinking that when I begin feeling uncomfortable due to a situation that is happening around me and doesn't involve me that I should just remove myself from the situation.  Then I began to feel like perhaps that was running away from it, what I truly want is to NOT feel that way in those types of situations.  In...
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