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DS put nail polish on his bottom lip and the skin in that area, any ideas how to remove it?
I received my amendments yesterday! I learned that the responses on amendments will vary each time you ask someone so I just went ahead and ordered yesterday figuring it will all turn out ok. I ordered a mix for my garden of compost, cow, sheep and humus; it is about 1.5 - 2" deep. Today or tomorrow I have to turn it in. For the other area I ordered an amended soil mix, basically soiled amended with the same mix I put in the garden area. Today or tomorrow I have to...
Thanks for your replies. I was confused after seeing a diagram in a garden magazine showing spring plants in the spring, then they were replaced in the summer with things like tomatoes and then those were replaced in the fall. I'm organized now and pretty much have a layout of how I'm going to plant things.
My garden area is a slight incline. I tried to have a garden two years ago but was VERY unsuccessful. Part of that is probably because my 3yo pulled up most of my plants, which I replanted but they never recovered. I definitely recommend some type of slow watering system or a drip, otherwise the water will roll down the hill. This year I'm trying again and will be lining the garden with a hose with holes in it (that is what it looks like, forget what it is called). ...
Hi Everyone, I'm a first time gardener living in the CO plains area outside of Colorado Springs. As far as cold crops go, are they all replaced by things like tomatoes & cucumbers? Can I plant my entire garden in cold crops now and later plant tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers..? Here is the list of cold crops carried at my local garden shop: Russian Red Kale Stonehead Cabbage Brussel Sprout Fort Laramie Strawberry Quinnault Strawberry Cauliflower Ruby Perfection...
Hi Everyone, I'm pretty new to gardening and have a bunch of questions, thanks for bearing with me! I have two questions (for this thread!): 1. I have a square garden area that was amended 2 years ago. Nothing but weeds grew there last year. I stopped at a garden shop where they recommended 1" at the most of either sheep & peat or chicken manure. Another garden shop recommended humus and peat when I called last year. What are your thoughts on type and how...
Yummy! I tried the VT recipe a few years ago and it was delicious. Bookmarking the vegan recipe, sounds good too. Let us know what you make and how it turns out.
Thanks everyone! These are all so simple and sound delicious, makes me wonder why I didn't think of them myself
Thanks everyone! I'm glad that they are still ok, there are a lot of them!
I just bought a few artichokes and would like to steam them. Any suggestions? Generally I would steam them with lemon and serve it with melted butter and lemon juice. Thanks!
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