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Quote: Originally Posted by LionessMom it is the lactation cookies http://www.recipezaar.com/Oatmeal-Ch...rujillo-192346 brewer's yeast AND flax seed meal. Oh, the joy! I assume the flour is all purpose?
Quote: Originally Posted by LionessMom so if i am making cookies that require brewer's yeast, i should just use nutritional yeast? GIVE ME THE RECIPE PLEASE!!!! I make bread from the spent grains, so I totally need something to do with the brewer's yeast too, just for more crunch points! ; )
I'd like to know what SAHM means beyond the details of income source, daily schedule and caregiving responsibilities? What does the title mean to you personally that makes it desirable to have?
Quote: Originally Posted by mumkimum Yes, my understanding is that nutritional & brewers yeast are the same. I don't know about health reasons to avoid it. I've made a few excellent casseroles that use it (it's awesome mixed into crunchy/salty/nutty toppings to make it cheesy without cheese) oh, do tell! my dh brews beer so we have a ton of brewers yeast every two weeks.
It takes a minimum of one hour for me to get myself and my kids out the door, and even with that, it can be rather hectic, unless I have done a lot of planning in advance. It also depends on whether I am dressing "up" for meetings, or just my regular clothing (i.e. no hair, makeup, etc worries).
my kid is hypoglycemic AND has a red food dye sensitivity. I would NOT want my kid getting an M&M every morning (and nor would the teacher - the sugar probably wouldn't be terrible, but the food dye can set off some really nasty behavior- woe to anyone who triggers a full blown reaction. ) My son's K teacher did this with skittles and a counting exercise. I told her that no, he could NOT have any, so she gave him colored pieces of paper to ujse, which would have been...
What a lot of PPs said. My oldest is in Kindergarten at the local small public school and he loves it so far. DH and I do a lot of informal education of our boys (teaching counting by playing dungeons and dragons or card games, teaching chemistry by cooking, reading and writing interspersed with everyday life, etc) but we see the school as covering the baseline - we can feel free to explore interests as they come up because we know that the school is going to make sure...
set a filter on your email from her email address so any mail from her is immediately deleted. Then you won't be tempted or bothered by her. She sounds dangerous. Very dangerous. Keep far far away.
First of all - {{hugs}} for having to live through such a situation. UGH. And bravo to you for not tolerating it. Two, part of the challenge your family may have is that BIL/SIL may have no concept that their behavior is unusual or needs changing - afterall, if they knew they were misbehaving, one would presume they would correct it or address it. And you, the offended party, won't be able to raise it because they will most likely dismiss your complaints out of hand....
OP, just a thought, perhaps look at it from DH's family's perspective. I read a lot of judgment in your OP about your DH's family. Put yourself in your MILs shoes - if you were her, would you be dealing with a DIL who thinks your food isn't good enough for her kid, who thinks your family's interests/hobbies you grew up on and raised your own kids on aren't good enough for your grandchild? Where you are trying to hold big welcoming family gatherings and your DIL is...
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