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Hi Everyone! I thought I would return to my old haunt to get some advice on where to sell my diaper stash. I have so many & was wondering if the TP is active still or if there is a better place to offer them up. I have gorgeous Ah May sets & tons of Fireflies, Baybees, & Bumgenius just to name a few. I don't even know what is popular anymore. Any advice is appreciated! ~
Cross Posted at HC too. And hello to old friends that are here! I have been MIA from the diaper world for a long time. My 4th baby girl is a hand full & in the past few months, after 10 years of CDing on & off, I have decided to quit using them altogether. I feel bad about it & also very guilty but I just cannot keep up with homeschooling, my photography business & remembering to change her every 30 minutes so she doesn't pee through her clothes. The straw that broke...
I know that www.cottonpickincreations.com has some instock OC shirts that are hand painted. She has very pretty things
Can I just use a fitted under a micro fleece blanket sleeper without another cover? I have lots of nice Carters microfleece sleepers & was thinking that I could just zip them on right over a fitted....what do you think??
Edited to update: I checked the last DC# she gave me & it says that the PO recieved the info in August but no actual package. I emailed her about this & now she tells me I am a scammer. Please be awawe of how much money I have lost to her & be careful.
Where do I begin?? Last spring when I fell in love with Very Baby diapers, a new WAHM opened up & I ordered some from her. After some time passed, she emails everyone [edited to take out personal info]. I was stunned! I decided to not pester her for diapers & certainly not for a refund as she would be needing that money. Others were not so nice. They really hounded her for a refund & many got it. Fast forward to July & she was open again. I placed another order as...
Henry is going on the potty now & I have way to much for Grace. Should I list on EBAY, WAHMCHICKS, the TP, DIaperswappers....??? I really need to clean some major house! Where are you having the best luck?
I love love love Cynthia's longies. She & her mom are making me a custom set that I cannot wait to get!! I got a pair of her capri longies for Grace this fall & I just love them so much!
www.fireflydiapers.com Lori is awsome with her CS too
I have zillions of diapers; wool, AIOs, pockets, you name it! But lately I have been sooooooo loving my Firefly diapers & Easy Wool Covers. Grace is still in a SM & they are so trim & fit under all of her clothes. I have never had a leak yet! Just thought I would mention it since I was thinking of it during her last diaper change
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