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Ok so I actually live in Texas but have a friend who is in CA who needs a midwife. She lives in Mexico but is in Walnut Creek Area for awhile. She would like to use a midwife but has Aetna PPO insurance. Any help would be appreciated. If there are no midwives then perhaps a crunchy Obgyn... Thanks, Charlsie
I think that Janet Dirmeyer will go as far as Austin to deliver a baby and if so I would say pick her hands down! She is wonderful and has prayed with me in my pregnancies and labor she is wonderful!!!! Charlsie Swadley
She lives in Katy but drives to my house in Cypress. I have been very pleased with her! It is wonderful to have a clean house without all the effort! I think she is willing to drive for work so just give her a call. Charlsie
I so wish that my little guy was older so I could bring my kids and party with you!!! Charlsie
Sorry for the delay in reply. No we recently moved to Houston and I have not yet changed my status. And it's not too good to be true... Charlsie
I recently hired Gloria 281-382-3478. She is wonderful. She brings in herself and 4 other ladies and they knock out your house really quickly. She charges me $50 for my 2,000 sq ft house. Hope this helps you! Charlsie
I'm very interested in this as well. I really need to do this for my children. Here is a question though...how old do you think a child should be to get it? I have a 3mo and feel he is too young but on the other hand I have an almost 6 year old who I would like to expose to chicken pox... Sorry to hijack and even more sorry I can't help!
I can highly recommend Janet Dirmeyer. She is absolutely wonderful!
Oh What wonderful news!!!! I am so happy that your little on is doing well! Charlsie
I was just thinking it would be nice to bond with other moms who had similar circumstances. I am Charlsie I have 3 children on this earth and one sweet little girl that died two years ago at 32 weeks. I had ICP. I look forward to welcoming this new little one. Charlsie
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