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Thanks dds. Is is really comparable, the 'background radiation' one is exposed to in the general atmosphere, versus the targeted radiation of x rays? From all the reading I've done, even pro-xray organizations add the caveat that the safe level of cumulative radiation exposure is not known. And, if you find a cavity between teeth, what is the treatment? If it's between teeth and not bothering the child, would it typically be a wait and see thing? I have read...
I've never been on the dental thread before. I'm wondering what people here do in terms of xrays for their children. My dd is 10 and has only had 1 cavity in a baby tooth. For this reason, we just instinctively decided not to get dental x rays when she goes for check ups unless there was a problem such as tooth pain or something like that. And the dentist has been fine with that. But on a local health-related discussion board, I'm actually seeing people say that...
Quote: Originally Posted by sunnysideup I read somewhere that many people with perfectionist tendencies have a chronically messy house. They fall into the trap of "if I can't do it right, I won't do it at all." Believe it or not, that's true in my case. I have a kind of 'pure' way of doing things (no shortcuts, natural materials) that I enjoy, but they're often more time consuming. So it often boils down to if I don't have the time things...
At my TJs in the Chicago area they carry a frozen tart with ham, onion and creme fraiche-- you put it in a hot oven right on the rack for 8 minutes, and it is wonderful with a glass of mild zinfandel. I think it's called Alsace Tart. They also have great frozen chicken quesadillas. Really flavorful.
I'm curious since you actually see Bob Sears as a patient-- do they practice together? Is Dr. Bob the only one of the Sears' family to speak critically --or at least not so positively-- about vaccines? My Dr. William Sears Baby Book was very much in support of them, so I find this interesting.
I ran away too. I used to think it was because my mom was so oppressive but reading your post, I realize more objectively that it was likely I was driving her crazy with my defiance and the pressure just got too high in the house. I think there are stages of development in some parent/child situations that make it very hard to live together. Before I hit that period in my own life, when my oldest sister hit her teen years, she became very violent and had a lot of...
Oh my gosh, that Saran Wrap thing has to be the most bizarre baby item I have ever seen. I can't stop laughing. All I can think of is that the person who buys this has a house full of plastic coated furniture and lamps.
The Miraculous Journey of Edward Toulane has to be my absolute favorite book that I read out loud with dd in recent memory. We took turns reading chapters. She loved A Wrinkle in Time--we started out reading aloud together, and then she snuck it into bed and finished reading it on her own, she liked it so much.
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