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My dh is humanist or atheist depending on his mood, and i can't pick just one religion either... but would call myself pagan if i had to pick one, we go to a uu church and find it perfect for us. Our church has services for solstice, a labyrinth walk, meditation groups... all kinds of different activities.
We've always made a calender on the computer for each girl, I use fun fonts/colors/holiday clip art, and write their name on the top. Then they hang them up and put a sticker on each day as time passes. I get a bunch of fun stickers so they have lots to choose from. They seem to enjoy it!
I met Mary at a birth I was doula-ing for and she is a lovely woman! Knows her stuff too. Congrats!!
We've got five in our house- me, hubby, three kids. The dishwasher gets run once a day, i do the bigger/non-dishwasher-able dishes and wipe down the table and counters after bfast, lunch, and dinner. And sometimes if dinner prep makes a big mess, i'll clean those up while dinner is cooking.
Love the blanket and shadowboxes- so sweet!
subbing- lots of great info here!
Once i knew we were done having kids for good, i started doing four piles of outgrown clothes- precious, adorable outfits that i couldn't bear to get rid of, (as the sizes got bigger, i kind of got over this. it's all the little newborn/baby girl clothes/blankies that my three girls all wore that made me melt), really nice items to hand-me-down to my bff who has a dd, a pile for goodwill, and a trash pile of torn/stained stuff. The keepsakes so far have only filled a...
My Mom died June 2nd of this year, from colon cancer that had metastasized. Today was my middle daughter's bday, and my oldest dd's, first homecoming. Every first without my mom hurts so much. I had some pictures framed for her memorial service, and just got the guts to hang them up for the party we had today. Felt like i should do it for some reason. But the pics make me sad when i walk by them. but it's important to have them up, right? Every day, every event,...
I remember being told to let ours mouth at our hands, and then when he got too forceful loudly yelping to him so he learns what pressure is ok with humans. Also we hand-fed him a lot, the idea being that they learn to trust your care, know "where their food comes from" and also so they learn to take food gently from people.
Two thoughts came to my head. The first is that it's just a birthday cake, and while it's supremely annoying that they are doing this, accepting the gift graciously and then pitching it once they're gone would be better then confronting. Keeping peace with the in laws and all that. The second, and much more my style, would be some passive-aggressive remark along the lines of "Wow, another cake! We're going to have cake coming out our eyeballs!" They may or may not...
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