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Having a new baby is hard enough but you are also dealing with cancer! I can't believe they could be so callous when all that is going on. How have things been the past week?
Best: Being there for everything- their practices, school functions, after school homework and play. Being home during the day to get the house clean and dinner going. Being available to help out in their schools. Worst- now that my girls are older (8, 12, 15) the pressure to work outside the home is even stronger. While people may accept you staying home with babies, school age and sahm'ing seems preposterous to most. Even my 15 yo dd gives me crap sometimes...
I'm totally cool with it. We're UU and what better way to learn about religious diversity then to experience other religions first hand?
My Mom died 6 days ago. She turned 56 on may 29th, died june 2nd, of colon cancer that had metastasized. I feel like i will never, ever, be happy again.
That happened to me too when my oldest was 5. The lady used threats and intimidation to try to get my dd to cooperate, though it was clear that my dd was scared to death. Then i let them do the fluoride treatment, even though i had reservations, and because she was so upset she must've swallowed some, and got sick and vomited. I know how you are feeling. Just know two things- first off, you are feeling badly about it because you care so much about her and see the...
Well it's official, we joined our local UU as members today! : We've been lurking, sporadically going to this new one for years, we previously were members at a UU in our old town but had a harder time committing to this one for some reason. We decided once and for all to make it a priority and have been going regularly for a few months now. Woo hoo! I have a question, for any other members or folks who contribute financially to their UU congregation. They gave us...
I'm so sorry.
I am interested in attending! i am a doula from lancaster.
I'm wondering if nikki will end up having an affair with lawyer guy?? And wow, bill's dad, is he dead??? Wanda, Rhonda, wierdo's... Sarah, i love her so much. i want her to re-connect with baby daddy and stay home.
Thanks all!
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