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Thanks for the suggestion-we are hitting the craft store this week so i will look for some holders!
Hey all! I was thinking about this thread this morning and wondering if i can join/get some advice. With the 31st coming up, i am wanting to set up my alter in the dining room with photos of deceased loved ones, gourds, candles, etc. Here's the issue. It is also trick or treat that night, and we live in a kickin neighborhood for it so I've got lots of in laws coming to eat dinner and do their t.o.t.ing here. I'm torn, because i want to have the spiritual meaning of...
i am a doula, and one of my vbac clients used Dr. Cindy Kilbourne, who is a family doctor. http://www.lancastergeneral.org/cont...tx15mem_id=394 She was good to work with, but she'd only deliver at Women and Babies. I'm sorry Birthcare isn't taking new clients. Could you perhaps call and plead your case to them? I know Ephrata is your first choice, which i totally get. From what i know, the reading b. center would also be a hospital birth. I don't think there...
I love it here too!
Yeah, i'd be interested. I'm in lancaster as well.
Yeah strasburg rr is fun. Also hands on house http://handsonhouse.com/ .
Good for you! About feeling scared- remember that it probably will get messy again at some point- and that's ok! Kids, the man, illness, all kind of things happen to upset the balance. You now have the tools and know that you can get it back on track!
I have a bin for each child. In it go report cards, artwork, cute baby momentos, whatever. The bins aren't easily accessible, so i have a basket these things go into in a cupboard. When the basket is full, i go through and make three piles, one for each girl. Then carry it down to the basement, get their bins out, and put the stuff in. I probably do this 2 times a year?
On the first day of fall, or any season, i make an effot to celebrate the season in some way. Usually fall involves a soup of some sort, bread, and of course an apple dish. We build a fire out back in the pit if the weather co-operates, and we all do this thing where we write down whatever we feel like on tiny slips of paper. I usually write some goals for the coming season, something about the season we're leaving, and what i like about the coming season. Then we read...
You're right, she's wrong.
New Posts  All Forums: