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I got my dd the reg size ll bean backpack last year for kind, and it's fine. Still looks brand new!
Carrots, cheese stickes, cheese chunks, crackers, milk, pb on grahms/crackers/celery, small bowl of cereal, popcorn, granola in milk, fruit of any kind, nuts of any kind, granola bars... I usually make cookies for the first day of after-school as a treat. :
It's so very 7th heaven-y cheesy. But for some unexplainable reason, i look forward to it every week. Go figure...
Sia- Breathe Me. Five words: Six Feet Under Series Finale. Cry me a river.
10-12 with my dd. The attitude, lack of respect, mouth... very very trying.
You wouldn't even believe how aweful our tradition is. Everyone sings, if you can call it that, any way they want to. So one might be singing happy birthday to the tune of Oh Danny Boy, another America the Beautiful. Others scream it, moan it, belch it, etc. My personal fav is to sing either like a loung singer or an opera singer. You get a group of 20 in there, it's out of this world. We figured way back when this tradition started that it sounded like crap anyway,...
My dd is in ballet. Parents though don't typically go into the room. There are tv's in the waiting area where we can watch the classes. They do a recital once a year, make-up is discouraged there, which is fine by me. The costumes are very affordable, as they have parents chip in that have sewing experience.
Regarding the trashing of their belongings- my dd, 14, is way into photography. Having said that, she currently has no digital camara because she broke 4 already. Yes, 4. And that's not including ours, which we stupidly let her borrow between broken camara one and two. The first was a gift from us. She broke it. 2nd, an xmas present that her entire family (grandparents, aunts, uncles) got her for xmas. Broke it. 3rd, a hand me down of Grandma's. Broke it. The...
I'm probably more strict then a lot of folks here, but i insist on a clean room from my teen and other kids. Not immaculate, but no food or dishes, clothes in drawers or hung up, dirty laundry in basket.
I am so sorry. My mom has cancer too. And the prog. isn't looking too good at all. We can support each other if you'd like. Tell me about your Mom- and what kind of cancer does she have? My mom started with colon and it is in her liver now, and spots on her lungs and stomache. She is 55.
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