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Ha yeah i remember when my kids were little and i was having a bad day i would picture T Berry Brazleton (a parenting guy who had a tv show when my kids were small) was in my house visiting me. I was always so much better when he was around...
My girls are older, but here's what we do. If they don't like what i make, they can make themselves something simple like a bagel or cereal or an egg. They usually have an evening snack of cheese or fruit or something else healthy and easy.
Well what if your kid's bday falls on a work day? Would you want him to miss work as well? He'd be home by early afternoon? And i didn't read anything about a party, is there an actual party he'd be missing? Is he the kind of guy that will spend some time with your son when he gets home, or is this typical behavior?
My dh's been working from home now for almost 5 years. He travels once a week, and that's a day i treasure, cause i have the house to myself... Ok. so pro's- he's here, so if i have an appt, i can go and leave the kids here. (they are older so he can usually still carry on with his normal business.) He can come up and eat meals with us, and usually come to school stuff because he's almost always home. Saving $$ on gas. Less wear and tear on the car. He's...
I liked it, but the last show was just surreal. That song- the scenes- too intense.
Ours is casual. I personally aim for "bathed and teeth brushed."
When my 14 yo dd was going to school in VA, they tested her and said she was gifted. And put into the gifted program, which if i remember right was a once a week separate class. Then we moved to PA, i told them she was in gifted, they said they had to re-test her for PA standards, and afterwards i got a letter saying that she wasn't gifted and "unremarkable." : That kind of turned me off to the whole thing. And i didn't really see this amazing stuff happening in the...
Mmmmm fav songs. Older stuff, for sure. Flowers of Guatemala, Superman, Orange Crush, The One I love. My fav fav is Perfect Circle on Murmur. That whole cd is just full of dh's and mine's memories.
Allison is 14 and babysits every day for two hours. She also helps her grandparents with their yard work. She's in sports so she's also busy with practices and camp. I don't mind her working, but i wouldn't have urged her to, at least not this year. Maybe 16-17, if she had no sports or anything going on, then i might suggest looking for something just to keep her busy.
They have to be my all time fav group. And my dh's too. I can go like a year without listening to them, and then I'll put one of their albums/cd's on and it will take me back. To the 80's, 90's, being a teenager, falling in love with my dh , getting married and having my babes with this playing. I love how music can conjour up so many emotions, memories.
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