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Here's how i organize. Each girl has their own folder. All of their papers from school, activites, sports, etc goes into them. I also have a wall calender which has our appts on it, like dentist and such. I need more space then the daily square on the calender provides though, so every sunday i sit down and make a weekly calender on the computer. I add some clip art to make it cute, like say a pumpkin in october. I'll check the calender for appts that i need to make...
Hi there! My dd had it when she was 8. It helped her- she would've needed mega huge glasses, but now has 20/20 vision and she is 14 years old. Then, it was $800 per 8 week session, and she needed two rounds of it. The in laws helped us with it. They met once a week and she had "homework" to work on every night.
Ive been babysitting my friend and neighbor's dd for four years, she is 8, and i never have taken her anywhere without permission. I'd be pissed too.
Ugh. Ever a huge issue here as well. Separation is what i do if i can. when they start at each other, i tell them to be in a different area of the house.
My dd is 14 and has had a few boyfriends. They go out in groups, and sometimes we'd let her go out with just him, if we talked with his parents and agreed on the hows and wheres. No dating doesn't jive with me. I had that rule for awhile when i was a teen so i just snuck around, bigtime. I had myself in precarius situations, and my folks never had a clue.
We all swear here too. The kids know when it's ok and not so much to.
I've always just treated it like normal everyday talk, since they were young. Like someone else said, if they ask a question, they get an answer. My middle dd is much more shy about it all though, so with her i just give her books. I'll get her like three books, two normal novels or whatever and throw a sex ed book geared towards her age and be like "oh here lily, i got you some books i though you might like." Spares her the embarrasment.
Subscription to New Moon? https://www.newmoon.org/specialoffer/?source=GOOGLE
Journals, pens, notebooks? Gift card to borders?
Is she in school? I'm on the pta and organized a food drive for the local food bank. My kids helped me write the flyer, get them out to all the teachers and kids, and once the food was in, pack it up and take it to the food bank. It was a big hit and i plan to do it every year.
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