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Music suggestion- anything loreena mckennit. We have a tradition of writing down all the things we love about summer/fall/whaever season onto tiny pieces of paper, as many as we can think of. Then standing in a circle around the fire and sharing out papers. Some toss it into the fire, some keep the little papers to remember. Also making sure everything else is completely done (bath dishes chores all that) so we can sit outside and watch it get completely dark. Takes...
So by advice, is what you actually wanted was for everyone to agree with only your point of view? I think most people's reactions here have been mature and respectful to you.
When my bf and i were in 9th grade, she was raped. It is age appropriate to talk about it, because it's happening at that age. Off to see if our library has it for my 14 yo dd...
I really, really like it! The view outside looks appealing, focus on that. I think maybe the living room wall color could be a bit wamer tone, like a creamy, buttery tan maybe? Also some more fabrics to even up the hard surfaces (wood walls, uncarpeted floors. Like an earthy-type tapestry or rug hung on wall maybe? Plants too, as someone suggested. The kitchen lighting seemed harsh. Maybe new light fixtures?
I will make a big batch of either french toast or pancakes over the weekend and then freeze them. I was buying the frozen ones for convienience and then realised how much cheaper it is to make it on my own and freeze. I also do a daily planner for the week and stick it on the fridge. Then i will plan our dinners out accordingly. For example something fast if there is an evening activity, something home cooked and longer to make on a night we're all home. Then, i...
2 years ago my oldest dd was really, really acting out. I read her diary and found out some things that were very concerning. I was able to fix some situations- get her help for something, restrict seeing this one friend who i kind of suspected was a not so good influence, etc. I don't regret it in the least. And she does know i read it. I told her i was concerned about her and needed to find out what was going on, since she was shutting us out.
hat are the genders of your Dh's Father's Siblings? (if you don't know you can skip): How Many Siblings does your DH have and what are their genders?: How many kids do you have and what are their genders?:" fil's sibs: 2 sisters, two brothers dh's sibs: 2 brothers, 1 sister our kids: 3 girls
She got her first period when she was 12- about two months before she turned 13.
My dd was the same way. And we never knew why. Now she's 14. One thing i remember is that she was at the age that she was bathing herself and getting more modest, but a little young to do a thorough job of washing. So we gently explained spending extra attention to the armpits.
I love love love me some big love. I have watched season one and two over. and over. and over. again... i love bill the best. I'd sooooooo love to be #4...
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