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:LOL I used to hate country music, then fell in love with country music, then got mad cause it was all conservative and they bashed on the Dixie Chicks, so I stopped listening, and now i am starting back up with it again... it's an "on again off again" kind of thing for me...
ok i'll edit it- don't wanna sound naughty!
I don't watch it regularly, but I too couldn't believe that he left! Where is he supposed to be going? And is he coming back at some point??
For my three year old, it's only the shows geared towards younger ages. Like nick has nick jr, and disney has playhouse disney, and of course pbs kids. I don't like rugrats or sponge bob or any of that, at least not for her age. Also tapes that we have- my fav is Lamb Chop and Little Bear.
i should've said "when we tried to pull the CAR out..." :LOL
I think it's quite possible to watch American Idol and still have just a little room left in your head for serious issues as well. I love AI and watch it religously. I also care about human rights, the environment, women and children's health, politics, etc etc... I will probably take my kids to the AI concert when it comes to town, as they watch the show with me, however I also teach them about the above mentioned issues...
oh gosh yeah! Lets see... first time, we were teens and at a park in the back of his parent's van (all of use kids nicknamed it the shaggin wagon, that is, Bill and his sis and bros...) So anyway, a park cop came cause it was 10:00 and the park was closing, he shined his light in the front window. He just let us on our merry way. Then, we were at the local air port and parked the above mentioned van in the grass strip under the runway, and afterwards when we went...
Hi Granola mom! I'm glad to see your grandson is still in your life! I remember you so fondly!
Man. i had hoped Carrie would've gone home. Oh well.
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