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My 1st-grader can read it.
We are Catholic homeschoolers.  My ds is 6 and I also have a 3 year old so we are still pretty new at it.  I use an eclectic mix of curriculum but this year I'm planning to use Catholic Heritage Curricula for language arts (2nd grade - my ds is an advanced reader) and I'll be using it in a Charlotte Mason-ish way.  I'll also be using CHC's First Communion Prep plans and for catechism I'll use Faith & Life and the St. Joseph Catechism.  I'm using Sonlight for literature...
We are doing kindergarten this year although I ended up moving onto first grade material for some subjects because my son is an advanced reader.  I'm also pretty eclectic, so rather than go with one curriculum I tend to pick and choose.    I started out the year with a lot from Catholic Heritage Curricula (CHC).  The "Bible" and Who Am I? were pretty simplified for my son's level of understanding.  I switched to a different children's bible and we moved through Who...
Thank you, that's good to know.  I am so NOT artistic so it's one of the subjects I struggle with.  I am actually using Seton Art 1 this year (technically doing K) because I was looking for craft projects that follow the liturgical year, although we haven't done all of them.  I also did some of the art projects in Who Am I? (which we blew through...we were done by January except for a handful of lessons I was saving for Lent/Easter, in hindsight I should have started him...
We will continue with RightStart math and Handwriting Without Tears.   I'm leaning toward Sonlight 1 for history (with some substitutions) and read-alouds.  My state requires American history every year so I'll also have to squeeze some of that in somehow.   I'm considering Noeo science Biology 1, but I might wait another year and follow Mater Amabilis science for next next year.   I'm not sure about language arts.  He has already finished Catholic Heritage...
Thank you for the responses!
I'm thinking about purchasing a new Bible...the RSV (Revised Standard Version - Catholic Edition).  I've been looking online and I'm wondering if anyone has any input regarding the Ignatius Press vesus the St. Benedict Press.  If you have used - or even just looked at in person - one or the other or both, what did you like or dislike and would you recommend one over the other.  Thank you!
Congratulations, Nicole!
Congratulations, Katie! P&L: I'm so sorry. Your family and friends are in my prayers.
Thank you, P&L...those links were very helpful. Tonight my kids were running through the house and I noticed my son was wearing my brown hooded cardigan and it was pretty big on him. So I stopped him, zipped it up and folded the sleeves a little, and by golly I think I can make it work as a Franciscan robe!
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