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My aunt did this program and LOVED it, I would like to do it as well in the next two years. ( start that is) What can I do now to ease into it real slow that won't 'expire' by the time I want to get really active in it. Could I still do it if we end up back in Germany?
I had this the last trimester and I did pelvic tilts, yoga ball, pillow inbetween my legs at night and swimming ( treading water). The swimming was awesome because I was weightless and it felt amazing to be so buoyant!) If you could I would go to a chiro, i have always wanted to go but insurance won't cover it
Mommyto3- If it makes you feel any better I have a friend she is VERY mainstream, she nursed for about 6 weeks, CIO, no cosleep.... but her boys are intact. SHe said it horrified her and she is an advocate against RIC, and our mutual friend who just had a boy thought both of us were crazy. I don't think being mainstream or earthy make too big a difference. I have known women who claim to be ' crunchy' but think that the RIC debate is offensive and should be left...
Hey, we did! I am OFFICAL now! I can;t foster because Dh won't but if he ever gets deployed... while the cat is away.. all fosters will stay!! I go to all the shelters here in my area and round up the sweet love !!
Just seeing who is into rescue. I am a American Brittany Rescue gal myself.
I grew up with a father who loves his dogs too much I can't hear Christmas songs real words anymore because the man has warped my head into only hearing the dog version. Everysong my dad hears he instansly rewrites to be about his dog. So I think you are safe to assume that we talk to the 'boys'! E has started doing it as well about 3 monthes ago at 19 monthes.
I have two dogs and a little house and a wet yard! Need I say more. There are DEFINTLY indoor pups but they are making the house smell sense I can't air it out in the winter like I do all year. Plus we have carpet that we are going to replace with pergo to help but in the mean time... I have tried baking soda and nothing. Any recipes for essential oil mixes. I love sandlewood and lavender.
have you tried meat tenderizer, that is what I always recommend. Good luck! We have this problem on and off too. Do they do it when left out and are bored? Try hiding real treats and toys around the yard and see if that helps. Dogs like to search for there food, it is instict. There is NOTHING worse than cleaning up poop puke :Puke
We are enlisted military, need I say more, our BASIC pay (taxable) is poverty. We make a lil under 2000 a month. We have a house payment and two ars, one payment. Things are tight but with me starting my own business it has helped. I SAH and we could be worse off. I am a thifty girl, no matter how much money I have, I HATE waste. That is something I can be proud of! I can never pass up a deal.
Quote: Originally Posted by UlrikeDG I do like the National Wildlife Federation's children's magazines: Ranger Rick, Your Big Backyard, and Wild Animal Baby. We get this and love it. I love that it grows with your child!
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