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Loved the Masa blog! thanks!
We use and really like Shedd's Willow Run margarine. My dd is allergic to corn and dairy and she has done well. We only use it on things she really likes the butter flavor on, for recipes we use Spectrum Shortening, which I think has been mentioned.
I recently got this catalog in the mall too. Isn't it amaaaaaazing??? Like a piece of art. I bought a bunch of their seeds last year and had good luck with them. It is baker creek, right? If I remember correctly, they give a lot of info on their website about growing conditions and taste and storage, etc. Last year, I just had fun with it! I bet you could call them with questions, too.
I am so sorry. I will pray for your sister, and for you.
My dd is nursing on one side too, and has been for about a year or so. I agree there is no reason to think her needs wouldn't be met just due to nursing on one side.
Thanks OP! Picked one up and used the code for free shipping too!
That is some serious cuteness!
Thanks everyone!!
Thanks everyone!! I feel a lot better after the replies, and the whole thing feels so petty now that I just really feel bad about posting it!
Starry is a beautiful name!
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