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I do love "Mommy, Mama and Me" (by the same author as "Heather Has Two Mommies"). It is a great addition to our collection of queer books that are just stories about you know, stuff! So I agree with lexbeach that stories need to focus less on being "different'. I do think we need more books with more diverse MAMAS.
Quote: Originally Posted by notwonamesalike Wow....I sort of feel like a bad parent here. Please don't! We bathe our kid every week, if we remember. We wipe his bum every morning and night with soapy water, and also wash his face and hands whenever needed. He has dry skin, but even if he didn't, we probably would keep the same routine. Bathing every day is a total privilege.
We have this. I love it. But am I weird that I didn't realize that the board under the paper was dry erase? We've been using the paper roll, but the dry erase sounds fantastic!
Hi there, Are you looking to put only the 2 of you on the BC? If so, in Manitoba, it has been legal for many years for you to put your name and your partners name on the statement of live birth as soon as a child is born. Although, as FtMPapa has stated, many lawyers were suggesting you still do the second parent adoption in case you are worried that anyone will challenge your parental status (say, if you think your KD would want to be officially recognized on the BC...
My son has this doll (http://www.novanatural.com/s.nl;jses...&category=8461) and I would like to make some clothes for it. I am a pattern girl, and was wondering if anyone have any ideas on where I could look? Most patterns seem to be for 14" dolls, which I assume would be too big.
Best Best Colors. Queer AND of colour. Love the book.
Quote: Originally Posted by dantesmama I know I'm not going to want to part with ours! I'm going to save the nicest, most well-made toys for when my kids have kids. Yah, we have the Willow kitchen from Willow, and I'm not letting that thing go. I am passing it down to my kids, and hopefully it will continue on down the line.
Yes yes...well, let me see if I can tread as lightly Quote: Originally Posted by mamatoady I do believe in the research that shows a child's most important role model is that of the same sex parent. And I believe in the research that says that gender is a social construct. I mean, what does it mean to have a "male role model?" Do I want my little boy to know how to play T-ball, fix cars or pee standing up? My partner is a pretty good...
What is it that you really *want* from the role model? Of course i had to ask, being one mom of a two mom family, raising a boy.
Porcu-lion = porcupine. Incidentally, Caroline = Caro Lion, and his aunt Arline is A lion.
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