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I put the placenta in the dehydrator yesterday with baby sleeping in the sling. My capsules and capsule machine came, so I will try to get that done today. I went with raw method, too.
Emerly Moira _______. Jan 11 @ 1:47 am. 9 pounds, 1 ounce. 21 1/4 inches. Awesome UC waterbirth. She has very kissable chunky cheeks and is nursing well.
Is anyone else planning to have their placenta encapsulated? I have swallowed some pieces in the past, but I really feel like I need the entire benefits this time around. We moved away from everyone we know. We have met a few people but haven't had time to really make connections yet. Things are more expensive here, plus we live further away from venues, so we don't find ourselves getting out as much (or with -50 degree windchills). Spending $200 plus on encapsulation...
Baby 5, and this will be our fifth UC.
Mine are being made into stitch markers so I can use the always. My first project with them will be a little hat for the baby to wear for pictures (and because it is cold outside - we just moved).
And just so you know, there is no age when retraction "must" happen. Only about 50% of ten year olds (who have not been forcably retracted) are fully retractable. 2% of intact men (who have not been forcably retracted) will not be fully retractable and it is perfectly fine - it is just a variation on normal. There are some doctors who still wrongly will tell people that boys must be fully reracted by age 5. It is NOT true. Don't let anyone retract your son.
The flu shot is contraindicated for pregnant women, regardless of one's stance on vaccines in general or the flu shot.
I think that sounds reasonable.
What type of envelopes are you using? Should we use those small padded ones?I need to go get some notecards to write on, and then I will get mine in the mail.
is it too late to sign up? I would love to do this. We are in the middle of a cross country move and things have been crazy.
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