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doodlebugsmom - I can't get the stitches wet, but I had forgotten about epsom salts.  I will mix/disolve some into coconut oil and rub it on the surrounding area.   momofmine - thanks for the info.  Off to research it!
thank you for your input.  I have started the AB after no improvement and increased swelling overnight.
So Tuesday before last I knocked my chef knife off the counter. It fell blade down and bounced off my foot. I slashed my skin and nicked my tendon. I had the doctor stitch it up and they said to come back in 10 days to get the stitches out. After 7 days it hurt a bit more than usual. I took the bandaid off and it looked like one of the stitches was getting infected.  I have been putting an organic healing salve to which I added lavender and tea tree oil on it every...
You are not a bad mom and it isn't your fault your child has cavities.  But it is your responsibility to help her body stop and even reverse the decay.  You can do it!  Read Cure Tooth Decay by Ramiel Nagel.  And visit the Weston a Price foundation website to find the best source of fermented cod liver oil you can.  Bacteria doesn't cause tooth decay.  Tooth decay isn't an infectious disease. 
Quote: Originally Posted by whoMe Ice cream cones! http://www.makeicecream.com/ovbakicecrea.html I subbed coconut milk and half rice flour half tapioca. They're wafers, like you would get with gelato or those rolled up cookies that come in the tin of Italian cookies. They make fantastic cones, and are really pretty folded up into cups. Or just straight as a wafer cookie... Yum! OMGoodness! Bless you - this is awesome and just what I...
My baby was born with one red line on each of her eyes (just the outside of each pupil - but not touching it). It has been 7 days and they haven't cleared up yet. I only just started putting breast milk in them. Does this warrent a visit to the hcp? What could they do for her? TIA!
Ok, I feel really silly asking but: What is a sitz bath for and how do you use a prepared one?
I was a very surprised momma to welcome a 37 weeker into the world early this morning! Our little girl arrived at 1 am on Sat, Oct 10 after a long hard labor (15 hrs active labor) but fast delivery. She's so tiny compared to my other two at birth. Only 7lb 14oz! Daddy and sister were there but brother slept through it all. I do wish that I had known she would come so early as lot's of things weren't prepared (the birth pool was scheduled to arrive yesterday...
Thanks guys. It's frustrating because I have two performances in the next two weeks and I don't think that I can perform let alone practice with them if I have to keep stopping to work through contractions. Well, I'll figure something out I guess.
With my first I never felt the bh contractions. With my second I felt the tightness but that's it except for the night before his birth I contracted for 2 hours and then stopped. But I have been contracting hard (average 2/hr) for a day and a half now. Unless I am waaaaay off on my dates (this preg was a surprise so anything is possible! ) I am only just 37 weeks. My last two came at 41 weeks each. So - is it possible I could continue like this for 3 more weeks? Tell...
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