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I had the opposite reaction - my first response was: he was feeling embarrassed at his child's behavior and was trying to make a joke out of it by saying something so obviously preposterous to you in a "put on" stern voice and perhaps was hoping you'd show you were not upset at his child's lack of social graces. Seriously, could he have been joking?
My oldest is a boy. On the shelves running the length of one wall underneath his window he has: books, books and more books. His magazine and comic collections. A collection of animal skulls. Microscope, earth globe, fossil-collection, cd player and cd's, prized collection of Papo dinosaurs, 3 cacti, an Inuit doll house family w/ dogs and sled. A few well loved stuffed animals, framed photo of him and his sister and a small reading light. His fencing equipment and...
Well, I asked the question because there are people, in some circles, who are of the belief that it is inappropriate. I have certainly encountered enough of that to feel the question worth posing. I know his wife is hesitant about widening their circle of friends to include new people, because of other issues (not relating to us at all) in addition to a hectic work schedule which does not include much time for them to both socialize together. He feels very...
Well maybe b/c I not originally from this country, I find the whole definition of "friends" a little arbitrary here in the US. To me a "friend", is someone who is close to you, with whom you can share your full range of emotions (pain and joy alike). All other people who you encounter and act friendly toward fall either in the categories of: family, colleagues or acquaintances. Maybe that's just who I am though - I develop and want only deep friendships. That's...
to have and maintain an emotionally intimate friendship with a member of the opposite sex while remaining committed to your life partner and them to theirs?
Just chiming in with good news: dh has been given a nice retention bonus, so we paid off a huge chunk of cc debt with only $508 more left to go!!!! . We still have a low-interest loan which we're making payments to, but at least our EF is now fully funded. I've figured out that the loan will be paid off by the end of 2008!!!! And then we'll be debt free and can start saving for a down-payment on our first home in the US! Jay, us!!!
Legos are undeniably one of the BEST toys in all the world. For children of all ages: 0 - 100+ ! But then, we have a whole room in our house devoted to Lego :
I so feel for you mrskennedy - I am in the same boat. I have had to take back money ($30) from savings b/c I had calculated something incorrectly on my budget. : : Grrr. 5 days to go till pay-day and our wood-supply for the woodstove is dangerously low and Thanksgiving is still ahead....
Thanks, mamas - you're the best!
My daughter sounds about the same size as yours (my dd is 5) and she fits a size small for the second year running now. But it is beginning to feel a little tight, so I might give her the next size up (which I bought on sale a few months ago).
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