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Best morning routine tip that worked for us was to write out the order of events in the morning, as a checklist the kids can follow, and have them check the things off as they go. It definitely increased the peace.
I disagree with freezing it. It changes the energetics. There is a 5000+ year technique that still exists for a reason, because it works. When something is ineffective, its usage doesn't last that long. In TCM it is steamed with digestive herbs to support digestion and assimilation. Then, if you don't have a dehydrator, you can simply slice the placenta and put it in your oven on the lowest setting until it's ready to be powdered and capped.
Ooohhhh...Vitamix...oh how I wish I had one... I really want lots of love from my family, any way they feel most led to show it. We have a tradition that mama gets 2 new fruit trees or fruit bushes each year for mothers' day. I'm a fan.
I hadn't heard about it with dd1, but wanted to do it with dd2. I also wanted to encapsulate the placenta, so I found a happy medium. We did the lotus birth for 24 hours, and then cut the cord and encapsulated the placenta. Worked great for our needs. I felt good that dd2 was able to soak up some more vital life energy from her placenta, and that we could cap it and use it to revitalize me in the weeks that followed (thereby also getting to her via mama milk). Win/win.
eucalyptus is greatly helpful in a humidifier. i combine ours with pinon-juniper and lavender. the conifer essential oils are wonderful at helping to heal the respiratory system. lavender helps as an antimicrobial as well as a nervine sedative.   unker's on the soles of the kids feet for nighttime cough can be very helpful.   *if* it's a dry cough, demulcents are crucial, i.e. slippery elm, marshmallow root, licorice, irish moss, and shatavari. sooth the mucous...
Is it a dry cough or a productive cough?
 I am experiencing these things with my dd1's school right now. she's very sensitive and empathic. it's breaking my heart. we've changed schools once already. homeschool is next. hoping it doesn't come to that. looking for help. reading "the highly intuitive child" right now. any other suggestions?
my daughters are 7 and almost 5. the 7 year old had a well visit once, at 9 months. that was enough of that.   my 4 yr old spent 3 days in the hospital when she was 2 weeks old. we all had a virus that january. she was born at home. we all got sick the day before the birth. we were down for the count after the birth. we kept a close watch on her, but she appeared to be doing fine. at 2 weeks, though, she was slightly less pink when we woke up. our (anthroposophic)...
imo, blood in urine or stool should always be checked out.   d mannose has been a gift from the heavens for us. my 7 yr old is prone to utis. she'll be in pain and get almost instant relief from d mannose, and it won't return. it's the active ingredient in cranberries. you can buy it in caps or powder. regardless of what form we get it in, we stir it into yogurt.
this would be sooo helpful to us this winter ~ and gaia herbs makes such high quality products ~ would *love* to win!
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