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alright, i joined too. i may not be over there as much as at lfab, but i'll try
Quote: Originally Posted by Emese'sMom I guess I'm realizing that there are some things in my control that I could be doing something about that stress me. i understand this...and this is part of what makes ppd/anxiety so difficult...sometimes you know what could help and for whatever reason you just can't make it happen.
dd loves granola with soy milk for breakfast. we used to do oatmeal with almond slivers, sesame seeds, coconut, flaxmeal, raisins, occasionally apples, cinnamon, cardamom and maple syrup - but she burned out on it so we're taking a break - although it's wonderful for having your toddler help toss all the ingredients in. dd also loves scrambled eggs with chopped baby spinach - she loves to crack and mix the eggs, soy milk, salt, pepper, turmeric and dulse and spinach...
emese'smom i'm glad your starting to feel better. just wanted to send you love and support. what is cbt, btw?
welcome, mummalit! ethan and faith were born on the same day ! dh had the day off so we took faith on her first hike, up a trail that's down the road. tons of snow, but packed down by snowshoes so doable in boots for a little while. had faith in two mamababy wraps facing in, super bundled. she slept the entire hike . laurel kept asking if there were mountain lions, and saying she saw them. someone must have clued her in to what else is living in our woods. it was...
deb, sending loving prayers your way for the health of your friend. kate,
yay tracy yay!!! i'm sooo happy that you were able to have the homebirth you so desired!!! and i'm sooo happy your little helena wren made it peacefully into this world!!! what a blessing!!! i can't wait to see pictures and hear more about the birth ! enjoy your babymoon !
prayers of love and strength...
hey mamas! haven't had much to say, thankfully, as all with faith has been smooth. she is so mellow right now. such a godsend ! i'm about to pump and dh is going to watch the kids when he gets home so my bro who's visiting and i can go to open mic night! time to get my boogie on! wow! a night out! holy moley! can't really have too much of a good time anymore, though, as being a hungover mum is no fun at all...which is a good thing...keeps me in check .
kate, i'm soooo sorry. sending you love and hugs and peace of mind...as much as i can get through the ethers...: : my first m/c in '04 was pretty hard to handle. we were on a trip to here to look at houses. i passed the baby on the creek here at my house, while we were looking at it with the realtor and took a walk into the woods to check out the creek (without the realtor with us). i think it was a big part of the draw to buy this house. it feels pretty special. ...
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