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Quote: Originally Posted by firefaery They are all natural substances found in the body. I used designs for health brand almost exclusively. Thre were a couple others....pharmax, as well as pure encapsulations. I order all my supplements through Emerson Ecologics. I felt most comfortable with their quality control. yes, they're naturally occurring in our bodies - but what is the source for the caps? i'm looking into SAMe, as well as...
my midwife recommended grapefruit seed extract. worked great.
my kidlets and me - i hope the cpap helps your sleep situation! dahlsk - i'd start taking lots of c or ferrum phos 6x with some echinacea to protect yourselves. after our er insidence after dd2 got our crud i'm all about creating as much immune protection as possible. blech. i hope you stay well! and have you been sitting on a boppy? that really helped me with dd1 and my 11 stitches. are you using any herbs in the sitz bath? what kind of lotion? my midwife made...
Quote: Originally Posted by kikidee When I was little, my brother and I used to hang out in the car while my mom ran into stores. I have friends who had similar experiences -- isn't it sad how much the world has changed since then??? I honestly don't feel the world has changed but for our level of fear.
i have given my dd1 a banana many times. and i buy a bunch and have the cashier weigh one of them twice. dd1 may also get string cheese or crackers. no messes. no problems.
sending you love and strength and balance and peace :
congratulations!!! what a beautiful birth you were blessed with !
i can't justify letting my lo suck on plastic. and i have a boob. actually, two.
i hear you. dh went back to work after one week , and works between 10 and 17 hours a day. if it weren't for his one day off a week, and the wonderful fact that he financially supports us, i'd feel like a single mom.
lovebug cheeky, cheeks sweet petunia my little monchichi
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