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hey mamas! quick hello before i drive to salida to pick up fryer oil...dh forgot to order it and the downfall of living out here is that it's an hour away to run to the store . i really wish there was a motherhood or victorias secret closer than 3 hours away, as i really need a new bra. i have 2 from nursing with laurel that aren't holding up so well and could use some support! i guess i'll check walmart, it's just that it's...walmart. kate, what beautiful photos...
Quote: Originally Posted by eepster However, I do have a very strong oppinion about not using "yoni." To begin with I've known men and boys named Yoni. Since it is not commonly used it can be confusing. It also feels like cultural co-opting to me. Don't we live in the giant melting pot here in the USA?
Quote: Originally Posted by Mahtob :snort: : I finally went with vulva but here's the thing. Do you really want your toddler screaming to you at Whole Foods, "MY VULVA ITCHES! MAMA! MAMA! MY VULVA! IT ITCHES! CAN I SCRATCH IT?" That is what kind of worries me. Somehow "privates" seem more vague and thus, more acceptable. Or perhaps, "bottom"? But I call her buttocks and anus her bottom. my toddler was letting me know, at the...
Quote: Originally Posted by littlemizflava a apple is a apple a shirt is a shirt a hand is a hand a breast is a breast a penis is a penis a vagina is a vagina same for forskin, anus, testicals, clitorios i dont do cute names they are what they are. why teach one thing when it is really called another?? never got that... just out of curiousity, do you call pee and poop urine and stool?
just bumping us up...not much new to share as i still have quite the little sleeper. she's growing exponentially, i'm pretty sure. and she is a super smiler smile! my girls
in the past i've just pushed harder for what i'm needing, cried harder, pleaded more, gotten angry and hurt when he withdraws. things have been okay the last couple of days. counseling is tomorrow morning.
Quote: Originally Posted by Emese'sMom Riverundine - Thanks for the support and good vibes. And thanks for listening. I know you've had your own troubles lately and I appreciate the supportive messages. right back atcha
we say yoni and lingam. i think the feeling and definitions of these words convey more of the meanings i'd like to portray to my children. they add an element of the spiritual, which is important to me in speaking of our reproductive parts. to me, baby-making is truly Divine. adding an element of the Divine when we refer to these spaces/parts conveys this on an everyday basis.
hey mamas i've typed out two lengthy posts since my last post and each time i went to post it my computer froze and away went the post. hopefully this one will stick. baschabad - i loved the montage! sooo beautiful . naturemama - the dedication dress is unreal. you do amazing work. hlnmommy - i have a spitter also. dd1 wasn't, so it's new for me. faith spits up, and projectiles, fairly frequently. i have to burp her after about one full minute of nursing...
hi lovely mamas happy new moon :! not much time but wanted to stop in. i adored reading about adam and the carpenter . what a beautiful story! and i'm so excited you get to go to that conference, emily!!! how wonderful! kate, i got a kick out of reading about "how about thursday?" our homeopathic dentist just offered free checks and cleanings to all kids throughout february so laurel went for her first visit also. she loved it . hh, glad to hear your friend...
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