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She's been found safe.   Thanks so much <3
The only way Medicaid will cover an OOH birth in Michigan is if it's with a homebirth CNM who accepts Medicaid.
I'm having mine encapsulated... there is NO WAY I could do it myself, or even consume it in any other manner. I have a bit of a hard time after my babies are born and I'd like to try and overcome that this time.
Anyone else hit the point of feeling good and keep forgetting they are pregnant? Like I didn't check in here for almost two weeks because I just plain kept forgetting I was pregnant!   Boy I hope this keeps up until I'm all big and uncomfortable! I'm not sure I've ever had this with any other pregnancy! I've always gone from sick as a dog to huge pretty much overnight!
Yes, yes, yes! #3 was our last! DH will be having he big V before this baby gets here. I was a month away from starting my own business when we found out, now it's gotten pushed back another 2 years. We are happy about the new baby now, but the beginning of this pregnancy was really rough...
Wish we were closer  Hope you can find some like-minded friends out your way!
Yep, right there with you - no solutions, though.... Sometimes you just have to take it one minute at a time.   YDD still wakes at least 4 times a night to nurse - last night she was up 4 times before midnight  Add that to the 2 times ODD wanted a drink and to chat about her kitties, the 1 time DS had a nightmare and the 5 times I got up to pee... I'm not even sure my head hit the pillow.   Days like today are why the TV and cereal were invented. 
I eat my yogurt with frozen orange juice concentrate in it. SOOOO yummy - probably not totally "real food" but I buy a good quality orange juice concentrate and call it good. One kid eats it plain, one eats it with honey or maple syrup and one eats it with thawed frozen berries.
Yeah, I'm not sure I'd ever have pulled that pronounciation out of Hanne.   Naming is the hardest part for us... our names MUST be easy to spell and pronounce, but we aren't a huge fan of popular names. So far we have Draven, Nova  & Clover.... we have a few names we have been throwing around, but nothing is sticking on the list.    We don't name them until they are born, but we keep a running list so we have something to look at when the baby is here. DH named DS and...
That "cereal" sounds fabulous. I grew up on boxed cereal, and some mornings I just need a bowl of something cold with milk on it - oatmeal and/or eggs just does nothing for me on those mornings. Thanks for the idea!
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