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This is why mortgage companies charge you interest.  It's not as if they are lending you money and entering into a contract with you out of the goodness of their hearts.  They take a calculated risk (whether properly or improperly calculated), as does a mortgagee when you purchase a house.  Part of the payment for that risk is the interest you pay them.  Part of the recourse they have is selling the house should you stop payments.  
Quote: Originally Posted by shayinme No, my total debt load for undergrad and grad school is over 100K. I went to school in my late 20's early 30's and while I wish I had not racked up the debt the fact is my degrees have opened doors. I know plenty of other folks with high debt levels, most of us don't talk about it so I doubt you are an outlier. It's just that people tend to think gee, you spent that kind of money and you aren't a doctor or lawyer?...
Quote: Originally Posted by liberal_chick One of the recent problems we've hit with actually getting his expense checks is that they aren't coming back as quickly as they used to. His boss let his assistant go (cut backs due to the recession) and now his expense reports either get misplaced or it takes for.ever for the checks to make it back to us (and they used to consistently come X number of days from the time dh filed, but now it is totally random as...
Why don't you look into renting a moonbounce for a day or two and putting it at your home? Then you could do one party for both kids together, or one party on one day and one on the next. Or, wait, is winter weather an issue?
Quote: Originally Posted by GuildJenn I don't honestly think it is your job to figure out how to get your nephew to his job. That's his job, especially since you already bailed him out once. I agree. I have a 40 year old BIL with horrible credit, no steady job, no place to live, no car, no health insurance, and defaulted student loans. I really believe that if his parents had stopped enabling him years ago, he may not be in this position.
I think that you should more directly address the issues you have with your husband as your partner, and your marriage in general. You say he is very intellectually stimulating, but does not stimulate you in other ways. Are those deal breakers? Can you find a way to dial down the intensity of one of your physical activities and enjoy it with him? Can you find some good friends (non-sexual) who would share those activities with you? I don't think any partner is...
Quote: Originally Posted by c'est moi maybe i'm just out of touch, but i consider kindergarten what you go to when you're 5. it's your first required exploration into "what is school?" preschool is the optional thing parents send their children to at 4, maybe even 3 years old. but really it's mostly just playing. anything before the age of 3 is just a care provider. i guess i just assumed that any place that called themselves a "school" was just doing...
I agree that the car is not a good deal. You aren't saving $368 from what you spent before. You are spending over $300 a month that you really cannot afford to spend. I think you should consider purchasing an older, reliable car for mabye $5000 and making that work for a while.
You can consider filing suit if you are out anything out of pocket, or if you have injuries and medical bills that go unpaid.
Quote: Originally Posted by waiflywaif Who knows, but you would have to, right? I think this is completely on. I work FT, I'm gone at least 60 hours a week, my job is high stress, and I sometimes have to travel and work a bit on weekends. Despite that, we still don't have enough money. My DH is a SAHD. It's hard. It's not ideal. But if I were on my own, I would find a way to make it happen, because I would have to.
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