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This game is going to be really slow. lol
Wow. That's reminiscent of "training" a dog not to get into something by tempting him and then smacking him on the nose when he gets close. I support you in wanting to wean...but not the tactic. I agree with Tired. It IS "normal" for a 17 month old to nurse at night. Night nursing is usually the last thing to go. My almost 3 year old still nurses at night.
Absolutely. No question in my mind.
I don't recommend a play pen. Look at the things around your place...what are some things that really don't matter if he "gets into"...babyproof the rest. One of the things I've really learned is that you just have to choose your battles...this is where gentle discipline comes into play. Redirection is KEY. Best of luck...welcome to the world of toddlers.
Quote: Originally Posted by sophiesue2 taken from dare to discipline: p.28 Dobson describes a mother shaking her 3 year old for spitting. The child spat again. This was “embarrassing” to the mother; she was “too weak or tired or busy to win.” Shaking can cause brain damage and death, but Dobson doesn’t comment on this. p.36 Dobson recommends painful squeezing of the trapezius muscle on the neck to obtain “instant obedience.” p.35 Dobson says...
I think just about anything that I can say about him is "not-so-nice"...tee hee. Why would I want to waste "nice" words on him?
September 2nd. Boo yah.
Congrats!!!! Welcome to the world Sweet Vivian Kay. Enjoy your babymooning!! PE
I haven't read through all the posts in this thread...but just wanted to offer my commiserating reply... YES! I'm lonely. Quite lonely. I live in a relatively small town that isn't conduscive to my belief system. Not to mention...my partner's vehicle has been sitting in the garage, broken down...for about a year now. He takes my car to work. So I'm left here stranded in the house with the kiddo. We can get out and walk the neighborhood...but the way this city is layed...
I don't know how much they are at the stadium seating cinema (Cinemark)... but at the Drive-In...it's 5 dollars a head for 2 movies. Children under 12 get in free.
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