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In my oh so humble opinion...education is never truly useless. It may not get the jobs...but education isn't always about getting a job. To me...education is more about growing. But...I could always be wrong. PE
I also voted keep it. Sometimes the truth hurts. Circumcision ALWAYS hurts...in one way or another.
I use lemon juice. And it smells better. I don't think it'll dry your hair out.
Y'all haven't said anything that I haven't thought of... I have had really good luck buying diapers on eBay. And if family or friends are going to buy things for the baby...diapers are always first on my list. I don't need the mega-expensive ones...just ones that hold in what they need to hold in...kwim?
I know one of the reasons is that wood is biodegradable. A lot of mom's I know are concerned about the environment and want to "tread lightly" on this planet. PE ETA: I think that sounded wrong. I was no implying that mom's who don't buy or make wooden toys and what nots are not concerned about the environment...sorry.
Quote: Originally Posted by thismama And why should he marry Angelina to adopt the children? This is very heterosexist nuclear family paradigm IMO. Yeah that. It weirds me out. I'm also madly in love with Angelina...so that MAY have something to do with it. PE
I'll leave Ina Garten and Paula...and the "whippet" Sandra Lee (I loved that. lol) And just give me Alton Brown. Any day of the week. PE
Quote: Originally Posted by tricia80 Well i was right.. talk about taking tests and AF shows.. i checked my cervix this morning and found some blood... so i cancelled my appt... i knew it was a long shot but i still had hope... lets hope the increased dose of clomid works.. i feel bad cuz everytime someone says they are pg.. i try to be happy but it is soo hard and i feel like a horrible person... Yup. I totally feel that. Hugs to...
Tea Tree Oil tastes bad, is strong smelling, and is anti-bacterial. He could always moisturize his lips every night...Burt's Bees lip balm doesn't taste like anything...and it works really well. Plus it isn't fruity, and won't leave him looking like he's put lipstick on. Hope that helps! PE ETA: I chewed my lips as a kid...and still catch myself doing it occasionally...
My dd is 2.5. She LOVES to nurse...and now (except at bedtime) she does the fly by nursing. No biggie...but my breasts are very very tired. And just the thought of her nursing sets my teeth on edge. Don't get me wrong...I LOVE nursing my toddler. I LOVE nursing. I'm just getting tired. I feel bad about this. I don't know why, I'm not weaning her...but I do think about it in some fantastical day-dreamy sort of way. Anyone else? How did you deal? PE
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