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Hehehhe...if only we could find some big Mother Car with teats. I wonder how the oil company would feel about that...
That is so sweet!! PE
Negative test last week. Just waiting for AF now. Late cycles...grrr. Best of luck, all. PE
HI Rachel Welcome. And congrats on the baby.
The sheer number of health and "behavioral" problems that children nowadays have. Not to mention the sheer number of health problems adults have...I truly think that a lot of it is connected to our childhoods and how we were fed and medicated. And if you look at the vaccinations we got when we were kids...they're nothing compared to what kids get now.
I have had the best luck with the cloth diapers I've bid for on ebay. I can not stress enough to check out seller's feedbacks...but that goes without saying. Happy bidding! PE
Look for "No Miss Nail Polish"... http://www.veganunlimited.com/13003.html Luck! PE
Hi everyone...just checking in. I'm on CD49. Just waiting for AF. I've tested Neg. so...blech. PE
We also use Nutro...wonder if I should rethink all this... PE
Ewww...I think you'll be ok...but...ewww. Perhaps you dh needs a big sign on the freezer door with photographs of each and a diagram of how different they are and why we don't feed out babies raw egg whites. Or...maybe it's just my partner that needs the big frying pan of knowledge to the noggin. Hope it's all ok, PE
New Posts  All Forums: