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Just throwing in my 2 cents... My personal view on this is...don't put holes in things that don't belong to you. I'll let my daughter decide if she wants her ears pierced or not. But...that may not work for someone else. PE
Perhaps they meant $9.99? We can get 10 lbs of organic chicken for 9 dollars...so...I'm thinking $99.99 is a typo. Maybe send an email? PE
I still sling DD (27 months) quite a bit. She's not all that heavy and enjoys being around on Mama's back. PE
Have you felt his heartbeat? Babies' hearts pump blood quickly through the body...more so than adults. I agree...if he's cold...he'll let you know. Or you could try a bunting that keeps his legs warm...but lets his arms go free... Peace and luck, PE ETA: I mentioned the heartrate...because that's how tiny bodies can stay warm. Unless I'm full of it...am I making any sense at all? lol
Yes yes yes. DH (not dear, in this fashion) doesn't understand the concept of cutting back now...to have more later. We live paycheck to paycheck...and what's saved...gets spent on junk. Granted...it's important to dh, but if he'd just open his mind a bit, he'd see that he doesn't need that 30 dollar book, or that 50 dollar computer game. Ugh. PE
Thanks for posting this. It's nice to know that there ARE people in the world who don't vax their kids...much to the shagrin of my mother. PE
A nursing friend of mine came down with some sinus infection...I told her to squirt some breastmilk up her nose. She looked at me like I had 3 heads. As an answer to the question...I do try to educate doctors. I'm paying them...(sorta) the least they can do is listen. lol PE
Hello, everyone. I just wanted to throw my ovaries...errr...hat...into the ring. We have a 2 year old daughter...and are trying for #2. Peace and Luck to us all. PE
Thanks. Such a warm welcome
My thoughts on this... Ever just felt like crying? Maybe nothing was actually "wrong" but your emotions were all wound up and you just wanted to cry? I think that some babies do this too. I know when I cry...I want to be comforted. He may not be crying because he needs changed or fed...but I bet knowing that you are there and feeling your warmth and comfort will help him know that you love him regardless. Even at this young age...I think they "get that." Warm loving...
New Posts  All Forums: