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Quote: Originally Posted by moondiapers This sounds like someone that's taken it to an extreme. It's not supposed to be about avoiding responsibility for your actions or ignoring things that really are about you. It's about understanding that almost everything somone says/does is about them, not you. When it IS about you, sure...deal with it, take it personally etc. But some guy walking down the street with a shirt you don't like probably didn't set...
I not only agree - I urge anyone who takes things personally to just try it. I promise, you will have a happier life. It was the very best thing I have ever done for myself. I lost about 99% of my anger because it's only personal about 1% of the time, not the 100% that people imagine.
I'm actually 75% natural and 25% polyester.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jokerama why did they want a fingerprint to go tanning I asked the same question. They said it was just so they could keep a file with my information in case I wanted to come back. I guess it's no more ridiculous of a reason then Disney requiring them. (at least that was my take on it )
Absolutely not. I went to get a Mystic tan (one of those spray on tans) because I thought it would be fun to try. They wanted a fingerprint and I refused.
This is the first year that my DD asked why we had so many police at the synagogue. I didn't know what to say except that they were there to keep us safe. I hate it. And I have been to that synagogue in Rome and I know exactly what you mean.
Hi Sunnmama! I just saw this post. First, the link you provided in your last entry isn't working and I would really love to see what you are referencing. If possible, could you fix it? My DD has the same behavioral issues as yours (we discussed this several years ago) and I do find that my daughter struggles mightily still with impulse control. She's pretty good at school but it's almost as if she stockpiles her frustration at school and unleashes it when she gets...
For me, the simple way to look at it is if I visualize "sides" and power structure. With discipline, my DD and I are on the same side, looking for a solution. There is a less obvious power structure. With punishment, I am on one side and she is on another. I am the one in control and she is the one who has no control.
Quote: Originally Posted by Phantaja He learned from it. He learned that this is NOT what he wants his life to be, that his life is better earning what he wants rather than taking it, and empathy for the people who couldn't go home. But then, I knew that my statement would be far from popular when I made it. The goal with GD is to create a loving alliance while guiding your child. The problem I have with this method is that it doesn't...
I'm also going to chime in on the side of urging a diagnosis and OT. There were many behaviors that DD had that I didn't realize were sensory related and it was immensely helpful to me to see that they were not in her control. If she hadn't been in the right kind of OT for her then she would never have made the kind of progress that she did. OT is very specific to each child and I would hesitate to recommend activities unless I knew exactly what types of issues you...
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