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oh - and i love the baa-ing sheep!
Thanks for resurrecting my thread!  We are dreaming less and planning more.   I have "the Self-Sufficient Life and How to Live it" but I like the name of the one you mentioned!    My husband would chop the wood - or else I would pay my brother in law to do so as I have awful tendonitis after caring for 3 babies.   I keep my eye out for places that have some cleared land around the house, but basically a forest in the backyard.   I have a button-pushing...
Thank you for your replies!  I am looking in the northeast, in western ma which is where I grew up.  I plan to be within 20-30 minutes of amherst/northampton which means 35-45 minutes from my family.  we homeschool and would probably have to go into "town" 3 times per week for activities, etc.   I grew up with a wooded area behind my house.  My parents did not own it but I never knew anyone to have to do any type of clean up.  I never considered the hunting aspect in...
Hi all.  Just I dreamed for years about moving from the suburbs to the big city, I have now been dreaming for years about a farmhouse in the country.  chickens, ducks, dogs and an herb and veggie garden.  composting.  a wood stove.  I feel like I have questions, but not even sure what to ask!  One thing I find myself wondering is - what responsibilities come with owning, say, 10 acres of land?  Many of the properties I like have a cleared yard/garden area and then have a...
thank you!  
That do not assume your goal is to have your kids' closet look like this: LOL   http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-RvJ-YE5CzyQ/T85NvzBxtRI/AAAAAAAAUAI/CBuCjZD94SY/s1600/KidsClothingTagsOrganizedCloset4.jpg
check this Typical Course of Study for Grade 1 out:   http://www.worldbook.com/component/k2/item/322-typical-course-of-study-grade-1-curriculum-guide   Bet you your dd already has a pretty good knowledge of all.  
You can do it.  And it sounds like you want to.  My situation is very similar to yours, I have a first grader and though i dont have a high needs toddler but i have a 'easy' 4 yo and a baby with feeding issues.  An hour a day 4 times a week is MORE than enough at this age.  School will always be there, but i would imagine its very hard to homeschool once your family is part of the culture of school.   nak  
      Just want to say that this is one of my all-time favorite posts on mdc!  LOL I've been there myself!
Thank you for the replies.   I have tried breast compressions and hand exp into mouth.  My low producing side seems to not improve much with these.  And at this point I have given up (temporarily) latching him on good producing side with blister/galactocele type thing as he gets frustrated, it hurts me and it gets more inflamed and there is no milk transfer.  seeing TT doc tomorrow.   i only had the piercings pre-children.   lilmomma i have looked through...
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