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Quote: Originally Posted by littlest birds I also think sperm will soften it a little-- I've never seen this mentioned before. I thought mine made no sense at first, I'd checked it in the past but only on occasion so I wasn't familiar with my pattern. That makes sense - it would be the prostaglanalins (sp?). Same reasoning as using sex to bring on labor - the hormones in the semen soften the cervix.
I read somewhere on mdc that around Cincinatti (sorry, sp?) when you get used furniture it has an orange/red tag that means it's safe to buy (maybe has been treated or inspected?).
Quote: Originally Posted by hildare buy some DE that is food grade. Leave your pieces outside & dust em down. . I think you might mean for roaches, but just want to mention DE is usually the first line of defense for bb's. Did not work for us at all. "leaving stuff out" works for roaches because they have a tendency to scatter. Does not work for bb's as they instinctually dig in deeper when they sense danger. They are super FLAT like a...
Quote: Originally Posted by mar123 Does anyone know I can find something that tells where (location wise) bed bugs are a problem? bedbugregistry.com like i mentioned above has a map. though it seemed to be slightly malfunctioning in my browser, so use common sense. (it was showing them only on the upper west side of manhattan, until i zoomed out and zoomed back in.) usually it works fine. you can also type in an address. it is causing...
Quote: Originally Posted by Sharon, RN You have scared me. How did you find out that it was bedbugs? I'm totally itching right now. Eeeeek! They bite in lines. It took months before we saw them. But they are big. like a ladybug but flat - then they bite you and get swollen with your blood.
I say, ask yourself seriously what is best for your family's future, and do it. Just make sure you take the experience as a lesson learned and be more cautious in the future. Good luck.
Quote: Originally Posted by AAK How big a house does a million get you. The building 3 doors down from us just sold for a million - it's a falling apart condemned mess that the new owner will have to tear down and build anew! Funny, the COL discrepencies, huh? (we rent, not own in this neighborhood, btw) sorry to veer OT
Quote: Originally Posted by confustication I never had a problem with any creepy crawlies, and I love thrift/secondhand stuff. Our mattress is secondhand- but from a family friend who used it for about a month before getting a tempurpedic bed- I wouldn't do a mattress from an unknown source, but most other things I would. In fact, I went to a garage sale today and found a fabulous bentwood rocking chair for a dollar.... I do make sure to thoroughly...
bumping because time is of the essence!
Hoping to sway for a girl, without going into "extreme gender planning". FF says I should o on Monday. Last month I o'd on a Monday and we DTD Friday AM, BFN. So should we do it Friday night? I'm thinking Saturday night would be best. It is after all, our weekly date night Opinions?
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