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I did call my midwife - she said to wait one more week, test again. If still no AF or BFP she'd run a blood test. *sigh* I guess the 2ww turns into a not very hopeful 3ww......... anyone else have an experience to share?
I'm so sad this morning - stopped testing at 10DPO since I knew it was still early. Thought for sure today I'd get the confirmation that I was pg! I do not think day of o is off, or maybe by 1-2 days max. We dtd on a friday, thought i o'd on monday, maybe tues. I have been feeling totally pg - cramping off and on for almost 2 weeks! no appetite. def do not feel like af is just around the corner. so - any hope left? i really think i caught dh at a week moment...
Just wanted to commiserate, and maybe give you a giggle. When my second dd was born, I always tried to explain to older dd who was 2, that when the baby slept we could have our special time just the 2 of us. She, FOR ALMOST A YEAR, insisted on disturbing that crucial 'drifting off to sleep' time by sneaking in the room and shouting a loud, sinister sounding "HI!"
I am getting so frustrated with dd 4yo grabbing things from younger dd 2yo. I've gotten her to "ask" if she can have the item in question, but as she's asking (and often as the other child is saying "no") she is simultaneously taking! We've been "talking" about this since my younger dd was old enough to hold small objects. And it's getting worse. What really gets me is when my younger dd has an interesting, independent idea of what she might like to do (using mama's...
I have had TONS of cramps since the day I suspect implantation ( and the day i suspected o). LOTS. Pulling and tugging, like my uterus is pulling in. Had a BFN this morning 8dpo, hoping to join you soon!
p.s. - i voted yes!
Here's a quick rundown of facts: I have not charted in years, but my last cycle lengths were (oldest to most recent): 28, 28, 28, 28, 29, 34, 36, .......this one, i don't know! BUT it seems my period stretched it's length to synchronize with my friend who has a 28 day cycle. ( we both bled same day last month) SO - we dtd on cd 11 in the am. (may 21st) i had cramps on cd 14, i suspect ovulation (may 24th) if so i am going on 9dpo tested twice,...
I tried one out of curiosity to see if I'd ovulated yesterday - i know, i know, not what they are used for..... But does anyone know what happens to LH after o? does it drop off immediately? taper off? i had 2 lines, with the test line lighter than the reference. Does that (definitely) mean I have yet to have the surge? thanks
I had this during both pregnancies, mine also began early in the first trimester. It is debilitating. I felt relief immediately after birth - I remember having this feeling "Wow, my vagina sure is sore, but my hips feel great!" That being said, I am now 2 years out from my youngest dd's birth and the pain still returns during my period, or too much baby wearing. My SI pain is related to misalignment of my pelvis - one side is 3mm higher than the other. Phys therepy...
Can you upstate/LI mamas help me get my girls to some strawberries!? We'd love to go picking convenient to a train station, preferably metronorth, or LIRR. Thanks!
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