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HI - I am turning 36 next week, this is my third and I am feeling great.  lots of bloating last week (scale said i'd gained 7 pounds!) but much better this week.  looking forward to chatting with you all!
I had a HUGE belly last week (5 weeks).  i stepped on the scale and had "gained" 7 lbs since i'd weighed myself 10 days earlier!!  but this week i am barely bloated at all, and scale is only up about 2 pounds from my original weight.  must've been all water retention.  good, because we dont want people to know yet.
There's a lot of great nutrition advice in this thread.  It sounds like you have normal ms and hopefully it will go away very soon.  a friend of mine had hyperemesis and vomited many many times a day her whole pg.  even though she started off pretty thin, she weighed LESS when she gave birth, she really suffered.  i try to remember her when tooth brushing causes dry heaves.  feel better!
well, for anyone referencing this thread in order to plan their cycle, I ended up o'ing a day early.....and now am PG! :) 
I had awful period-like cramping from about 10 or 11 dpo until last week (i am about 6 weeks). a bit this week, but not as much.  if you google "cramping in early pg" or something to that effect (as i did) you will see it is quite normal.  Unless there is bleeding, it is the uterus getting ready, or "woken up" as I like to think of it :)
Wondering what effect if any chem preg has on next cycle, particularly ovulation.  Thanks!
link to chart below.   what i did not add to chart is that 13dpo i got a super light positive (not evap, it was pink but very light) and on 15dpo got a clear negative.  i did have a temp dip this morning.  now, on the evening of 18dpo i have one small quarter size stain on pad, only a stain, nothing else.  that was a few hours ago, still nothing more.  i never spot before i bleed.  i don't know how women do this every month - it is torture!!!  any thoughts would...
How about "Your 8-Year Old"? from the gesell institute.  i have read these for my girls, 3 and 5, and while I do not agree with some of the parenting advice, these books are usually pretty accurate descriptions of the developmental stages.  You can get them super cheap on half.com and the like, maybe consider picking up your "7" and "9" year old too since some kids hit the stages earlier or later.   This might serve you well along with some another book that focuses...
here's an update, with link just in case:  getting BFNs so looks like i indeed o'd later than i (or ff) thought.  as far as cm, i do not recall, but i believe there was nothing to note, def no EW at all.  thanks for looking! My Ovulation Chart
Researched Five In A Row :) and really like.  This might be just the sort of springboard - relaxed, inexpensive and my girls will love! - that I was looking for.  Would still consider other suggestions though!
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