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has anyone found a pp through this thread?  the 2 people i pm'd have not responded.  i have a going-on-5 year old dd and we live in brooklyn - i think it would be great to hook up with a family in a more rural part of the country.  dd loves making artwork, embroidering, playing outdoors, reading and loads of pretend play.  pm me if interested!
i am drinking uddermilk at this moment!  LOVE it!  we've been ordering from them for about a year, and get weekly deliveries Sunday morning right to my door.  Pastured eggs, too and sometimes yogurt or other items.  The jersey cow milk is so creamy, yum!
beautiful, thank you!
these stories are all beautiful, this in particular moves me  
thanks for the thoughtful replies.  i meant to add in my op - particularly in regards to the toys getting broken (of course accidents happen, but i mean as a result of unnecessary roughness) I wonder about teaching our dc to have respect for things, especially things belonging to other people.  then again, i am dealing with 2 and 4 year olds, and while i know its never too early, and we do talk about this i know its still too young for them to empathize.   as far as...
am i the only one?  we live in 500sq feet - kitchen, living room, and bedroom which is basically 2 beds on the floor behind a wall.  so its the whole space that gets trashed, the kids can't just go to the non-existent playroom.  It gets so bad you can't walk anywhere without nearly stepping on a "piece" from some game or puzzle . . . . .even if we play outside it only takes a minute for a kid or 2 to run in and start pulling stuff out.  my MAJOR pet peeve, and I see our...
i can now access it, thanks!
thanks happysmiley :) anyone else?
is this the right forum?  we are tv-free, watch 1-2 movies a month, do some educational web stuff.  but dd stumbled upon princess-y movies in netflix.  what is the least offensive (sorry, that's how i feel about the disney crap out there) of the princess movies?  maybe pocahontas?  i really cant stand the little mermaid type princesses that have come out since the 90s.  huge breasts, ridiculously small waist, and the whole damsel in distress thing - ugh.  help me out...
hi - am i missing something or is there no TP right now?  if not, when will it be up?  thanks!
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