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I've been noticing for the past few weeks that my 3 month old dd's left hand seems to be slightly dominant. Is it too early to tell? Has anyone else noticed a preference this early?
OK, so my 3 month old dd had been more then patient, sitting in her stroller, whimpering while I wolfed down a Clif Bar and tried to make her giggle. But, she was Hungry....her (inexperienced) new Mama had spent too much time on errands and she needed to eat NOW not half hour later at home or in the park by home. I even tried to sit her on my lap to calm her but she was practically nursing through my thin tee shirt anyways! So......I hid what I could with her...
thanks so much everyone!
It's much easier for me to skip the rinse since we soak directly in the washer which is used exclusively for dipes. But I'm concerned now that whoamama said that may make them stinky and stained! And I've been soaking covers with the dipes, but remember, most of the poop has been rinsed already. Is that ok? When I do the initial rinse to get the soak-water out, it's not even tinged yellow, but I guess it could still be germy...
My little babe has outgrown her first set of dipes and our new ones just arrived. I hadn't realized how stiff the ones we'd been using had become! Could this be build up? I'm wondering if I should strip them (which I've never done) before packing away for a future babe. I've never had an odor problem and the absorbancy was still fine so I never thought of stripping, but now I wonder if they could be softer if I did so, not to mention I wouldnt want to store them with...
are you saying i can throw the dipes straight in the washer, even if they have dried green, NOT rinse or soak, and they will not stain!?
OK, I'm new at this, but my DH and I (mostly I) hand rinse all poopy dipes in the sink before tossing them in the washer for a coldwater soak before washing...have we been wasting our time? (can we stop!?)
i get mine from wholefamilymarket.com and i love them. You can have them prewashed 3 times for $0.25 each which was a big help to me since i would have done at least 6 laods in my apartment sized washer, and i line dry!
interesting, momtwice. i was not breastfed......(and have the allergies/asthsma to prove it)
My dd seems to be outgroing her IPF's already. In fact I've already ordered the next size up. She's 2 months, 12.5 lbs and in the infant size that (supposedly) lasts till 4-6 months. I don't think she's a big baby--only 7lbs at birth, thhough she's gained a bunch. Does this seem possible? Is there a trick to folding them so they fit longer? Thanks in advance!!
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