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thanks for the great ideas! i was browsing another forum when i noticed a strange smell.... it was gross..... but familiar...... yes, my dd is sprawled across my lap with her neck revealed! i've been wiping and wiping, but 2 days later it's back!
hmmm-- don't be too hard on yourself if you want to use sposies for a few days. i did, being a first time mama....we used some hand-me-down Tushies from a friend for about 3 days. we were only at the birth center for 4 hours after my dd was born, and the last thing either me or my dh wanted to do was rinse dipes (something we had NO previous experience with) when we got home. the meconium DID stain the outfit my ds wore home....cuz we didnt rinse it for 2...
hmmm-- i didnt know this before my trip to my mom's (where dryer sheets are used) and i dried my prefolds for a few days. there was no difference.
homesickness! yes! and the thirst, of course....
Quote: Originally Posted by winonamom2be - that some babies eat for two hours every half an hour, not half an hour every two hours My babe is 2 months old, and I'm just figuring out that this is the way it is with her!
btw--- "hollow, empty feeling in my stomach" that's EXACTLY how I experience it!
I've had this too. My baby is 2 months and the feeling has lessened but was extremely intense in the first weeks. It seems counter-intuitive since oxytocin is the love hormone. I wish I would have known other women experience this too, I'd only read that bfing is supposed to make you feel all warm and fuzzy (which it now does!) I do however still lose my appetite. I wonder if you are more prone to these feelings if you've had issues with depression before. (i...
mine were pierced for 10 years---took them out during pregnancy and have been breastfeeding successfully for 7 weeks now!
right is way bigger---and makes much more milk. last night it took 20 minutes to pump a half ounce from my left breast, and 5 minutes to pump 2.5 ounces from the right! its like having one milky breast and one pacifier....and my baby loves them both!
I highly recommend "Taking Charge of Your Fertility: The Definitive Guide to Natural Birth Control and Pregnancy Achievement" by Toni Weschler. More info at ovusoft.com. The book explains the Family Awareness Method which is a natural way of avoiding pregnancy by watching your body's signs each month to determine when you ovulate. I learned so much about my body from this book and method. It is totally empowering! I believe it should be mandatory reading for ALL...
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