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thank you thank you! i will keep (and scrape!)
Or are they supposed to look that that? Mine is embarrassing and I haven't used it in a year because of the appearance. Nothing will get it clean. Should I toss it, or is it "seasoned" LOL TIA!
temp dropped this AM, bled 15 minutes later when do you think i o'd? i'm surprised ff didn't change it when i entered my data this morning. ?
yes! thank you! the last two mornings I keep dreading a temp drop, but up it went. ok, i'll go back to cool indifference now
Havent read all responses but justed wanted to give my non-scientific two cents. You do not want a Permenently stretched perenium! Which seems like this sort of massage provides. Your body will open up at birth, women have delivered 10 lb babies without tearing. There will be lots of blood flow and swelling to the area to help protect it. We are used to the idea that men's genitals can change shape drastically - so can ours! And then you will go back to normal.
my guess would be diastasis and maybe gluten intolerence. I am 5'7" 132 lbs with a diastasis and if i also eat wheat . . . . wheat gives me a HUGE belly . . .i feel much better since cutting it out 9 months ago. I agree though, overall I think you look great
http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/2f03c8 i'm afraid i ovulated later than FF says. btw - all the missing temps were due to allergies and a stuffy nose. my 2 previous cycles were 28 days, o on cd 15. Thanks for looking!
they can be on/in the shoes you are wearing, or even your cellphones! remember, you have to make sure not to even carry an egg into your home. be VERY VERY careful! i just read on a bathroom wall here in brooklyn - hipster graffiti i suppose - "bedbugs can ruin our life"
Quote: Originally Posted by shayinme an I have traveled several times this month and yes it is possible to bring them home with you, You can google bedbug prevention for some tips, but the two biggest tip you should follow in a hotel IMO are, check the bed, mattress, headboard, etc. You can actually see signs on the sheets. Also do not put your luggage on the bed or in the drawers in the room. They can hop in your bag and voila you bring em home. Also...
Thanks for the food for thought. proudmamanow, do you have a specific book rec?
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