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are they small? lavender! but pricey...
Can anyone recommend a good mix of materials, how many layers, etc. Or where I can find the info? I have a light to med flow, but also need some for post partum... Thanks!
This is my first babe, and I think I've started to narrow down my cd choices---I'm gonna start with IPF and a selection of covers. I love these two brands for fleece (and love the idea of fleece and wool--not crazy about PUL, but will try a few basics.) Who has comments about these? Are they a little hard to get? The Sugarpeas seem to be... Cant wait till I get to the TP!! If you notice, I'm close....but there are only so many hours in the day that I can spend...
two kids-- i was worried about the breech thing also, but my babe is lined up just right at 32 weeks....has been at least since my last appt at 29 wks. You are still a bit early, as you know. In fact, my midwife had told me that we wouldnt even start doing any of the excercises till 32 (?) weeks if she had been breech----they are still turning so much! good luck to you-one thing i heard was to always try to picture your babe head down when you imagine s/he!
I'm still not sure if I'm having any-- Last night my belly was so tight (which it sometimes is) but this time I also felt discomfort and a little crampy, especially on the right side and had some lower back pain similar to when menstruating. But it was pretty constant for about half an hour, and returned again later. My books say that they come at intervals and last 15 sec-2 min....doesnt really sound like what I had.... opinion?
i work at home, and also part time at an art gallery which requires me to basically sit all day. But even so, I cant wait to stop working (partly cuz I've been at this job for so long, but was before afraid to quit and "sink or swim" with my design business.) I will stop working permanently (outside of home) Jan 27th, am due Feb 14th. I'm in NYC and the walking in the cold is making my awful hip pain worse, and the subway stairs completely wipe me out! I am lucky...
it does!
what is HTH? such a learnig curve to all this!
I should have been more specific--I live in NYC and have zero outdoor space to call my own. I will be line drying on a rack indoors, basically temperate weather year round. Thanks for all the ideas! Are pockets the best way to go if one of our top resons for doing this is to be economical? Also, I want to stick to all natural fibers if possible.
oops- I do have Meyers Fabric Softner that I bought at Whole Foods, but I'd have to actaully double check the ingrediants. I like vinegar the most! Cheapest!
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