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Hi there! My name's Adina. I've been married to Matt for 7 years and we currently live in Maine. Matt's in the Navy, so we move a lot! We' have three kids. Gabriel is almost 3. Grace and Lucia are almost 4 months old. Life is interesting at our house! I actually just discovered these forums today while Goggling, but I love Mothering and probably would have found my way here sooner or later. One question, how on earth do I get to the place where I can edit my...
Ummm...yeah. That's why I had a tubal ligation. And my husband's so afraid something will go wrong with that and it'll happen again that he's planning to get a vasectomy too. The Boy and The Twins are enough for us!
Well, I think I pretty much had twin skin after my 10+ pound singleton, so this is no shocker to me now. It's not pretty. I'm a good 20 pounds lighter than I was when I got pregnant with the twins (and about the same weight as I was before I got pregnant with my son) and have what I describe as a "belly flap." It's gross! Gabriel (my 3 yo) came into the bathroom the other day after I showered, patted my belly and said, "Big belly. No babies in it." Sigh!
Hi there! New here, but I'll contribute. I went to 38w6d and had a scheduled c-section. Grace (Baby A) was 7 lb 11 oz, 20 1/2 inches and Lucia (Baby B) was 7 lb 8 oz, 20 inches. I was not showing any signs of labor, so I would likely have gone longer, but they were both breech and we couldn't find anyone qualified to deliver them vaginally, so we scheduled a c-section (ugh). I went 41w2d with my singleton and he was a big boy (10 lb 4 oz and 23 inches). Why we...
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