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Excellence in Writing is a wonderful curriculum that teaches writing.  There are parent cd's and student cd's.  I found the parent cd's very helpful for me, and my kids enjoyed the student cd's.   My 10 year old ds is using Essentials in Writing this year.  So far it is going well.     I think both of these are worth considering.
I had a few diaries and a couple of years ago I shredded them and threw them out (I'm 44 so I did hang on to them for a long time).  I really didn't want anyone reading them, ever.  For example, I said some awful things about my mother when I was mad at her.  I mostly wrote when I was in a bad mood.  Leaving them behind if I died would just hurt people's feelings and make me look evil.  I didn't want them around so I got rid of them.
This a great post.    
Did you read the OP?  She didn't say anywhere that she wasn't "qualified" to homeschool, didn't have time homeschool, and needed to work because she didn't have enough money.  Where on earth did you get all that from??   Her post was more of a vent than anything else, and she wanted input from other homeschoolers about finding playmates for her child within the homeschooling community.  
One thing I would do for a gifted child is look into classes and programs for children at your local university and/or college.  I know our university offers a "Science Sunday"  once per year hosted by the geology/earth science students.  Also, the engineering department holds science classes every Saturday which focus on different areas of engineering.  My kids have loved these, they have guest speakers and the program is very hands-on.     Just some ideas.
I think your post was an excellent one!  and I am sorry it got lost in the kerfuffle.     You made a brilliant suggestion, one that I hope the OP takes into consideration.  I have considered doing exactly what you suggested for my own son - (youngest in family with two older sisters).
I agree.  I don't think you will find a homeschooler who disagrees with your statement.   However, you posts are not at all helpful to the OP, or to anyone on the homeschooling forum.  
  Cristinnicole, you read too many books.  Stop reading so much!  It's making you stupid...
  Is this post a joke?  Because it is SO funny.
Sonlight is a Christian curriculum, but I encourage you to take a look at their book selections anyway.  Many of their book selections are Newberry winners and not religious book.  Take a look at this link:  http://www.sonlight.com/award-winning-books.html
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